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There are 2 processes by whicha cell can get what it needs to live. These are 1) Active transport where the cell must expend some energy to move something into the cell (like food molecules) and out of the cell (like waste). The other 2) diffusion/osmosis. Diffusion is a process where things move from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration without expending any energy, like the smell of bacon cooking in a kitchen filling an entire house. Try dropping a drop of food coloring into a glass of water and, without stirring, check it a few hours later. Osmosis is the diffusion of water.

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Explain the mechanisms involved in disrupting body systems?

Explain the mechanisms involved in disrupting body systems?

What are the mechanism of pollution?

Mechanisms of pollution are cell types involved in the airways. These can include lymphocytes and fibroblasts as well as epithelial cells.

What are the control mechanisms involved in regulating the cell cycle and mitosis?

The signal that Signals the end of Growth phase and thusly the initiation of S-phase is generated when the Cell reaches a certain 'critical' size.

What are the principles involved in inversion of sucrose?

The principles that are involved in inversion of sucrose are the basic mechanisms for enzyme catalyzed reactions. These mechanisms were first proposed by Michaelis and Menten in 1913.

Is endocytosis a form of passive or active transport?

It is an active transport,Transport mechanisms fall into two catagories passive and active. Passive transport mechanisms do not require the cell to do work for the substance to enter or leave the cell. Instead the energy involved comes from the kinetic energy of the molecules in solution. Active transport mechanisms involve the cell to use cellular energy usually in the form of ATP to power special protein pumps to bring material into the cell.Passive transport mechanisms Active Transport mechanismsSimple diffusionOsmosisFacilitated DiffusionSimple protein channelsGated channelsActive transport via protein pumpsBulk flow mechanismsendocytosisphagocytosispinocytosisexocytosisThe passive transport mechanisms and the protein pump mechanisms involve movement of substances as single molecules across the membrane. The "bulk" flow mechanisms endocytosis and exocytosis enable the cell to take in very large packages of molecules...say a food item from the environment. Many books treat these bulk flow mechanisms as separate from active transport for that reason.

Cells have mechanisms to control WHAT?

cell growth, DNA replication, and cell division

What are the mechanisms for bringing materials into a cell?

Exocytosis, Endocytosis and....

What are the 2 mechanisms involved when nutrient enter the bloodstream?

transport absorption

What is cell signalling?

Cell signalling refers to the mechanisms by which cells communicate with one another.

What mechanisms are involved in homeostatic mechanisms?

homeostatic mechanisms involve: - the regulation of blood glucose - breathing rate - heart rate - oxygen levels - osmoregulation (water levels) - thermoregulation (temperature control)

What are B cell mechanisms classified as?

call mediated immunity

What transport mechanisms involves the movement of water in a cell?


What happens when the regulatory mechanisms go awry in normal cell division?

Cell death OR cancer.

What is directly involved in long term blood pressure regulation?

Renal Mechanisms

What affects the rate of diffusions?

Temperature, Concentration and size of molecules :)

What are diffusions of particles through protein channels called?


Which of these transport mechanisms moves glucose from the blood into a cell?

active transport

Which of the following is involved in long-term blood pressure regulation?

Renal mechanisms

The mechanisms involved with the regulation of cardiovascular function include?

turbulence volume and cardiac output

What are the similarities between diffusion and facilitated diffusion?

they are both types of diffusions

Can viruses obtain and use materials and energy?

Viruses do not possess the necessary mechanisms to acquire nutrients, process them and use them for metabolism. Instead, they 'hijack' a host cell and use the mechanisms of the host cell to replicate itself.

Name the five transport mechanisms of the cell?

The five transports mechanisms of the call are:-Pinocytosis -Active transport; -Passive diffusion; -Facilitated diffusion; and -Phagocytosis

What determans the sex of a human baby the egg cell involved in fertilization or the sperm cell involved in the fertilization?

The sperm cell.

What is involved in cell to cell recognition?


What are the transport mechanisms in cell?

There are many forms of membrane and cell transport. These are the basic transport mechanisms in a prokaryotic animal cell. Facilitated Diffusion Osmosis Diffusion Exocytosis (this takes two forms; phagocytosis and pinocytosis depending on whether the cell is "eating" or "drinking") Endocytosis Carrier Molecules/Channel Proteins