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You must maintain a 2.0 (C) grade point average for most programs.

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60 units to get an associates

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Q: What are the minimum degree applicable units you need to get an Associate degree?
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How many units do you need to get associate's degree in California?

60 units from an approved program. Each general education subject area requires a certain number of completed units.

What is the difference between an associate degree and a bachelor's degree?

An associate degree is granted by community colleges to students who have completed a specified program of study, usually totaling at least 60 units. Associate degrees are awards in arts and science and are sometimes referred to as two-year degrees, in contrast to the four-year degrees that are baccalaureate degrees. Baccalaureate or bachelor degrees are awarded to students who have completed a specified program of study, usually totaling at least 124 units. 2years

What is a Certification for associate's degree?

An associates degree is a 2 year college degree in general education or in an vocational area. There is no certification beyond the college units that you complete in the process of getting the degree. If you are doing a vocational program a certification may go with the degree.

What are some examples of a transfer associate's degree?

Most 4 year colleges and universities will accept your AA units since they meet the general education requirements.

Associates in science degree?

There are a few different kinds of associate's degrees. You can earn an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Sciences. The Associate of Arts, or A.A. as it is commonly called, encompasses a liberal arts and sciences background, with emphasis on the humanities. The A.A. is a good degree to have under your belt if you choose to pursue a bachelor degree in a writing or arts-based field. The Associate of Science degree program gives a liberal arts and sciences background as well, but keeps an emphasis on math and science. Students going into business, engineering, or agriculture are encouraged to earn an Associate of Science. Associate of Applied Science is specifically geared towards students who want to finish their degree and move directly into employment. Many times A.A.S. degrees are available in nursing, medical assisting and so on.An associate's degree is a good first step to take on your road of education. You will emerge from community college confident of your direction, with a certificate to show for it. Who knows if you will go out to find a job or move on to earn a bachelor's degree, but you'll have a solid background with which to do it.For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section indicated below.

How do you show your AS degree on a resume?

When referencing a degree on your resume you should spell out the degree. So, for an Associates Degree you might write the following: Associate's Degree in Business or you might put something like: Associate of Applied Science. Depending on the degree, you will include the type. The degree is referenced under the education section and includes the name of the school from which the degree was obtained. I do not recommend listing units or courses on your resume. The resume is an opportunity for you to showcase your achievements. Answer If you have worked on school projects that are specific to the job, add a sentence or two below the degree listing. This is helpful if your specific degree does not sound like it applies. However, keep it brief; this is just an introduction to your abilities.

I am about to have an associate's degree in art can units from this degree like general education requirments be used for another AA?

Yes, they can. How many will depend on your new major and its requirements. I would suggest you speak with a career counselor at the school you attend. Taking another AA degree may not be the best option for you for a number of reasons.

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