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Just that - minor parties, seldom of political significance.

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Q: What are the minor parties in a two- party system?
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How can a two party system can have more then two parties?

In a two party system, there exists minor parties. A minor party is a smaller, less influential political party. The two party system is when two parties control almost all the political roles. The two major parties also have a majority of the registered voters willing to vote in their party's favor. Minor parties tend to be more single focus platforms while the two major parties encompass many issues.

A two party political system is defined as having what?

two dominate parties with numerous minor parties

What are two of the many influential minor parties?

There are many influential minority parties within the United States government system. Two examples of these minor parties include the green party and the independent party.

Which system has parties that are made of coalitions?

multi-party system

In what senses is the UK a two-party system?

The two parties that receive the most votes are the Conservative party and the Labour party. Britain is a two-party system because these two parties receive the majority of the votes in the elections.

What is a two-party system?

A system of government in which two parties compete for power

What is a two party system?

A system of government in which two parties compete for power

Since it became clear within a few years of ratifying the Constitution that American politics would be a multi-party system how many party system did the US become?

Parties in US PoliticsThe United States became mainly a two-party system of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, though other parties have emerged from time to time. Today, there are several minor parties that include The Libertarian Party, The Constitution Party, the Green Party, and possibly others.

Why do third parties tend to remain minor in the us?

because they are unknowen and have little money

What was the third party system?

There never has been a third party system . Two parties have dominated.

Why do you have a two party system?

The US did not originally have a two party system. There were several parties in the beginning, and even George Washington warned against the two party system. Over the years however, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have become the dominant parties in the US. There are still other parties, such as the Independant, Green, Socialist, and even Communist parties. Usually these parties don't get enough votes or attention to become popular though.

What are party system?

This term refers to a political system in which there are more than two strong parties, unlike the US which has a two-party system.