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There are many different types of popular android apps. A few of them a voice chat, instant messaging, and internet browser. They are all very amusing.

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The Android phones are very reliable. They are actually one of the most popular smart phones and they are constantly getting new types of apps.

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True the iphone does have more apps, but android has the most FREE! apps.

The apps that get the most sales or are becoming the most popular within a specific amount of time get featured in the home page of the the google play marketplace.

Native Android apps are primarily written in Java in conjunction with the Android SDK (software development kit).

Android is the best because it has the most apps and the best.

Most apps which are on the kindle are usually on the android or the apple store.

You can connect Android apps with iPod apps, but not all of them.

Google Maps, Evernote, Dropbox, Youtube, Leo Privacy Guard, Instagram, Whatsapp and Skype are some of the most popular apps.

Android because it becoms more and more popular, therefore you have a variaty of apps abd games to choose from!

The difference between windows apps and android apps is that, both are made by a different developer, and android is easy to use than windows.

There are both free and paid apps available for android phones.

Android apps are applications designed to run on your Android device, not an Apple device. These apps include games, music, business, video, and more.

Yes and free too as most apps are for android, also gps navigation

Yes. Android have their own format of apps (.apk) and they can only be run on android. Unless you have an android emulator on your computer.

No, Android Market apps are only for Android phones. For an iPod Touch, you would have to use apps from the iTunes Store.

You can find them on the android market under the free section. This will allow you to find the top free apps for your latest android phone. This is how I find the best android apps.

There are a number of options for one to find cool apps for android devices. The best option with the widest selection of apps is the Google Play website. Apps for android devices can also be found on the 'Android' site.

There are a ton of amazing Android apps out there. But we've collected the best and most useful apps. Google Drive Snapseed VLC Player Google Maps and Waze Google Podcasts Google Assistant Android Messages 8)YouTube

Yes, you can download Android Apps over Nook tablets !

Yes they have tons of apps and most of them are free and very easy to use. They have apps for games, books, music, and a lot more the android market apps have some of the best apps you will find out there and most of them don't take a lot of memory in your phone so you can get tons and they also have apps for free ring tones as well.

There is no exact figure available on Internet to know the exact number of android apps but according a professional estimate there are 3,75000 apps available on android market. In August it is expected that android market will be having more than 4,00000 apps.

Android cellphones does not allow users to share Android apps via Bluetooth. Though, if you want to share and transfer Android apps from one Android cellphone to another, you can use Android apps which allows users to share Android app.

Android has over 50 apps available for their users. Some of the apps that are fun and affordable are Robo Defense, Sky Map, and Pandora. Farm Frenzy is another popular fun app available for Android. Virtual Light is an entertaining app, while SOLO teaches music.

No. You need to run android to run android apps. The Nokia E5 runs the Symbian OS.