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Q: What are the names for all 80 of the gogos?
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What are the names of the gogos crazy bones series?

To hard to say all check toy for the names of the gogos crazy bones.

In gogos what number is evi?


What are the names of gogos crazy bonz?

for your information, its BONES not bonz And if you want a list of them, go to the website, just type in Gogos crazybones and the name of the website will be just that. go to 'meet the gogos' and go to 'catalog' then, you will see all gogos

How many gogos are there?

over 80 ! so cool

What are the names of the gogos crazy bones seson 2?

Don't read this it is series 1 of gogos

What are the names of gold series gogos?


What are the names of the series 2 gogos crazybones?


How Many GOGOs are there to collect?

there are 80 in a sieries and there are 8 sieries. So there are 640 Gogos. But there are specials like the gold and silver sieries too!

How many gogo crazy bones are there?

What I say is that there are inly 420 in Series 1 80 gogos in 5 colors each (80x5=400) 15 wanted gogos 5 most wanted gogos

How many gogo crazybones are there?

From what i understand there are 400 gogos in series 1, there are 80 types of gogos and each type of gogo has 5 different colors

What are the names of gogos advanced?

well the number 1 is called moshi

Are there rare gogos in each series?

There are 20 wanted gogos in the first series, 5 of which are Most Wanted. There are none in series 2. Series 3 don't either. They sort of do as 80/400 of them are laser gogos Series 4 have various gogos that are very shiny. But approx. 40 of the approx. 450 are rare

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