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One thin I know is that he fought in the revolutionary war


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anyone who fought in the crusades or a revolutionary war if you want specific names Nathan Hale George Washington captain john Paul Jones

Yes, most of the battles the Romans fought had names. That's so that historians, both ancient and modern, could let us know what tactics or battle stats that they were discussing. Most of the battles were named after the city or area where they were fought, such as the battles of Alesia, Pharsales, Actiuim, etc.

George Washington University in Washington DC.

George Washington's parents names were Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. George was the first president of the United States.

George Washington Carver, did not have any children, and never married.

His parents' names were Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington.

The names of George Washington Carver's ten sisters in not known. They, along with his brother James, all died in infancy.

Augustine Washington and Mary ball Washington

Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington.

Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington.

They named it after George Washington The 1st president of the U.S.

Homie G gwash gewa Mr. President President Father of our Country George Washington

Canadian troops fought in many, many battles. Far too many to simply list here. See the link below for an extensive list of the various battles Canadians were involved in.

The Battle of Fallujah The Second Battle of Fallujah Operation Plymouth Rock

george and Martha Washington

"Washington, District of Columbia" comes from the names of George Washington and Christopher Columbus.

George Washington, George Bush, and George Lopez.

George Washington had a total of four brothers. His brothers names were Lawrence, John Augustine, Charles, and Samuel Washington.

key battles are the names of the battles this by me

Yes but I can not give out any names.

George Washington and genaral braddock

Yes he did - Martha, Ethan, Maria,and Janiyah Prejean, all last names were Prejean. He is related to George Washington our first President!

1- First battle of Panipat 2- Battle of Khanwa 3- Battle of Ghagra

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