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What are the names of the explorers that Sacajawea meet?


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Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

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According to some historians, the explorers Lewis and Clark worked with Sacajawea.

The young native American women who guided the explorers throughout the Louisiana purchase was Sacajawea.

the shoshone which Sacajawea was originally from

in a tribe they were trying to find better transportation.

two explorers are Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain

Sea Scouts (formerly Explorers)

There were many explorers during the period of the Renaissance. Three well-known explorers are Ferdinand Magellan, Samuel de Champlain and Christopher Columbus.

Well for starters,,lets get the name spelling correct,,it is SACAGAWEA nothing more. thank you.

no Sacajawea did not have an education

some seas were named after famous explorers or people.

They are both native american, they are remembered in American History, and there names have never been forgotten.

They will automatically show up after you win the game.

yes Sacajawea does have family

to meet the new comers and Indians to understand the Indians they brought Sacajawea with them

A race to the south pole, between 2 explorers, whose names were: Roald Amundsen, and Captain Scott.

Sacajawea explored with Lewis and Clark.

Sacajawea was 14 when she was kiddnapped

Sacajawea is on the one dollar coin

sacajawea was 5 feet tall

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