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See: Korean War-External Links: Facts and texts on the war

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Who leads the Korean army in the cold war?

A general leads the NORTH Korean army & a general leads the SOUTH Korean army. The names of those generals change, just as they do in every army. There are two Koreas.

What can be found on the black granite in the Korean war memorial?

The names of the soldiers of all the countries who died defending South Korea during the Korean War.

What is Mark in Korea?

The name Mark is just the same thing in Korean. The Korean language doesn't really translate English names into Korean. This is how you write it: 마크 pronounced Ma-ke

What are the most popular names in Korea?

Five of the most popular Korean names are Jung, Kang-Dae, Ki, Kwan, and Kwang-Sun.

What is the importance of the Korean peninsula?

It's importance is that they have been fighting there. It was also called some names because of a skirmish there.

What is the Korean name for Jonathan?

Answer: Jo-na-dan. (조나단)You see, Korean people usually break names into parts like for example Brianna. They say Bri-a-na. They do not say it like in syllables. Most of the time, it's separated into three parts. Now you know something about Korean names!!I hope this answer helped.Thanks for asking.Brianna,P.S Ask me anything about Korea! I know lots of things about Korea. (Because I am half Korean.)

Where was Korean War fought?

The Korean War was mainly fought on the entire Korean Peninsula. From Pusan in South Korea to the Yalu River in North Korea.(The border between North Korea and China.) Also around the 38th parallel which was where the country was split after the north had invaded the south. The desperate battles got gruesome nick-names such as Pork Chop Hill, T-Bone Hill, and heartbreak Ridge.

How did contact with neighboring China affect Korea?

Since Korea was settled by Chinese, Korea was part of China from the beginning and Chinese mainland culture and language was quickly spread to the Korean peninsula naturally. A lot of Korean names contain Han (meaning Chinese people)' such as Hanbok (clothes), Hansik(food), Hanseong (Seoul), and Hanguk (Korea). In language, more than 70% of words were from Chinese.

What were the names of generals from the punic wars?

the name of one of the generals was Hannibal Barca

What does corrine mean is Korean?

Corrine has no meaning in Korean. Only Korean names have meaning in Korean.

Who were the names of the generals involved in World War 2?

There were thousands of generals. See: WW2

Where can you find a list of the names of Southern Generals?

A listing of Confederate Generals can be found at Confederate Generals of The South. Please refer to the link on this answer page.

Who was the communist leader of north Korea 1950?

The Supreme Leader and President of the Democratic Republic of Korea in 1950 was KIM IL SUNG. As is typical in Korean names, "Kim" is the surname and "Il Sung" is the given name.

What is the title of Korea?

As in the actual names: South Korea: Republic of Korea North Korea: People's Democratic Republic of Korea

What do Mary ann silvano mean in Korean?

Mary Ann Silvano has no meaning in Korean. Only Korean names have meaning in Korean.

Can you make some Korean full names?

Here's a good link to help you pick some good Korean names

Can you translate Patricia to Korean names?

Korean name will be Patricia. Names don't translate into Korean because their roots are different. However, you could create your own Korean nickname and/or use the romanized style of the name.

What is the names of Koreas two states?

North Korea and South Korea are the names of the two states of Korea, or more like two different countries.

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