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Shinto, (pro: Shin-do)

There are no such thing as Shinto gods, (half true) the term "gods" is our western understanding of deities.

People that believe in Shinto believe in Kami which are spirits

Kami appear as spirits that govern nature and other aspects of the living world, every aspect of life has its own Kami, rivers, trees, earth.. etc etc

There are over 8000 Shinto deities, and are all in some way related to "Amaterasu" the goddess of the sun, either by a family bond, created by or simply one of many different forms of Amaterasu herself,in some cases its a mix of all three a concept that is hard for alot of westeners to come to grips with.

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What are the names of 3 main Hindu gods?

the names of the three main gods are: Brahman, Shiva and Vishnu

What are the three main branches of Shinto?

Shrine Shinto< yo Shinto< my Shinto

The way of the gods is known as?

This is the meaning of Shinto.

What are the names of Hindu gods?

brahma shiva vishnu are the 3 main gods they worship

Why is Japan's nickname land of the gods?

In Shinto belief, there are 8 millions of "gods" in Japan. Gods are everywhere.

What is the legend of Shinto?

Shinto means "way of the gods". Basically is to respect forces of nature, and to worship the ancestors.

Shinto priests celebrate what god's birthday?

Shinto priests celebrate all of thir gods birthdays

What is the meaning of Shintoism?

Shinto means the way of the gods

What religion means in English the way of the gods?

Shinto means "the way of the gods" in english.

What are the names of all the gods in The Odyssey by Homer?

Athena and Hermes are the only main gods in the Odyssey.

Where did Shinto religion originate?

Shinto means 'Way of the Gods'. It is the traditional and ancient religion of Japan, without a founder

How many gods does Shintoism have?

Shinto, or the kami? Be more specific!

How do th Shinto worship?

They go to the shrines of there gods and worship them.

What is Kami in the religion Shinto?

The "Kami" in Shintoism is the God or gods.

What did the people of Shinto believe in?

they believe in nature gods and ancestors

How do the Shinto contact their gods?

Through prayer and good deeds.

What is translation of the term Shinto?

Shinto is an Anglicized version of the Chinese term "shin tao". The term translates as "the way of the gods."

What or who is the God of Shinto?

The Shinto religion has many Gods. They are called Kami. The sun goddess is known as Amaterasu-o-mi-kami who was born from Izanagi and Izanami the Gods who formed the island of Japan.

What has the author Tamio Tobe written?

Tamio Tobe has written: 'Yaoyorozu no kamigami' -- subject(s): Gods, Shinto, Japanese Mythology, Mythology, Japanese, Religious life and customs, Shinto Gods

What are Shinto kami?

The Shinto kami include beings that cannot sensibly be called 'gods' or 'goddesses' in English, along with beings that can. In addition, the deities of Japan are not all Shinto; many are Buddhist.

How many branches of Shinto are there?

There are two main branches. Secretarian Shinto (which sub divides into 13 more branches) and State Shinto Religion.

What are the names of the gods and goddess on wiccans?

In Wicca there is one main goddess, and one god. They don't have specific names, but some Wiccans also worship the Greek goddesses and gods.

What ideas do the Japanese have about God or gods?

In Shinto, there are millions of gods; mostly nature spirits. Buddha is worshipped as a god, too.

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