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Providence and the Blackstone Rivers and Scituate Reservoir.

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List the names of the countries in Rhode Island?

there are no COUNTRIES in Rhode Island.

Names of the major lakes in Texas?

major rivers or lakes

What are names of the major rivers lakes and mountains of Madagascar?


What are the names of the 3 names of settalment's?

Jamestown, Plymouth, and Rhode Island.

What are the names of almost all the landforms in the world?

Mountains valleys Mesa rivers lakes deserts delta island tributary peninsula canyons hills

What are the names of the plains in Rhode Island?

zetesh roars

What are the names of the lakes and rivers in Germany?

Fulga river and Rhine river

How many lakes and rivers are there in Canada and what are their names?

over 2 million

What are the names of any lakes and rivers in Egypt?

Ejyption stuff :) lmaoo

What are the names of the body of water?

The names for bodies of water are Oceans,seas,rivers,lakes and ponds

Which states' names are compound words?

Rhode island

Why did Rhode Island not sign the Declaration of Independence?

Rhode Island did sign the Declaration of Independence. The names of the people who signed it were, Stephen Hopkins and William Ellery.

What are State Names that start with R?

There is one state - Rhode Island

What is the only state with two unique names in its name?

Rhode Island

How do you say Rhode Island in spanish?

Names are the same no matter what language they are in.

What are the names of four rivers?

Mississippi river , Rio grande , Tigris, Euphrates, amazon wikipedia has an extensive list of rivers, like hundreds of thousands PS. mr. previous poster, the great lakes are lakes... not rivers.

What are the names of rivers and lakes in Missouri?

Missouri has several lakes and rivers, including the Mark Twain Lake. The state also consists of the St. Francis River, the Missouri River, and the Lake of the Ozarks.

Which states names start with double consonants?

· Florida · Rhode Island · Wyoming

What are the names of some rivers or lakes in France?

Lore river gorone river rhine river

What are the names of the rivers that flow into buggs island lake?

The Staunton river.

States with letters R?

Rhode Island (technically: State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations) is the only one that starts with an 'R'.Lots of states contain 'R's within their names.

What are the names of the flags from or four nations in Delaware?

Pennsivina,Virgina, New York, Rhode Island

How many states names start with double consonants?

3~ FLorida, RHode Island,and WYoming

What are the only two us states names that begin with double consonants?

Florida and Rhode Island

What are the names of the major lakes rivers mountains mountain ranges and deserts in Jamaica?

Don't know at all! Sorry!