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What are the names of the war between north and south?


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In the US the war between the north and the south is called the Civil War. However, there have been other war, In other arts of the world, between northern regions and southern regions and they have different names.

If your talking about the north and south United states it was the Civil War. :]

Civil War/War between the States.

There was never a war between the South and the West in the US. There was a war between the North and the South and between Mexico and America.

the civil war between the north and south happened in both spots but moved around

Because there was a war between North and South Korea

It's basically a war between north and south Korea. north was communists and South was democratic.

Disagreements between north and south.Including:slavery

the union are the south the confederate army are the north

The North, or Union, won the War Between the States.

Civil War, War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression (in the South),

*The civil war *The War between the States

civil war. or the war between the states

The American Civil War or The War Between the States.

i think the war between North Korea and SOUTH Korea is only Korean War. it happend in 1950, it end in 1953

The American Civil War. The War between the States. The War between Brothers.

What happened to the border between North & South Korea because of the Korean war?

One of the obvious differences between the North and the South during the U.S. Civil War was that the North was anti-slavery and the South was pro-slavery.

The civil war soldiers viewed the war between the North and South as a new kind of conflict because it was the first war Between the States.

The Civil War, or the War Between the States

Are you asking about the US Civil War? if so, The North was was the Union, and the South was the Confederate.

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