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well,, i don't know if it is complete but still there are a lot of them,,

these are all i know:

tripod stand

Bunsen burner

test tubes

flasks of varying volumes

wire gauge

china (porcelain) dish

test tube holder

graduated cylinders


watch glass in different sizes

centrifugation machine

test tube holder

boiling tubes

iron stand


stop watch


conical flask


weighing balance



round flasks

water bath

rubber pipes

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What is the name for lab equipment?

We can take various names for Lab Equipment such as Laboratory Equipment, Lab Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Lab Apparatus, Laboratory Apparatus. If we add categories then it has countless names. For Example, if we talk about Chemistry, then we'll call it chemistry lab equipment. Similarly, if we talk about Physics then its name would be Physics Lab Equipment.


Sorry there is no such thing as "auxiling" lab apparatus.

Definition of common lab apparatus?

common lab equipments

Why is laboratory apparatus and uses important?

to know what apparatus will be use in experiments on the lab

What is improvisation of physics lab apparatus?

To make an apparatus with whatever materials are at hand

What are chemistry lab apparatus and their uses?

check out this link it talks about a few types of apparatus and their uses.

Handling of lab apparatus?

Lab apparatus will need to be handled with care. This equipment will be hot, will contain caustic materials and will need to be touched with gloved hands.

What are lab apparatus that made of glass?

Glass is transparent

What is the significance of knowing the uses of the different laboratory apparatus?

knowing significance of lab. apparatus is know what is the uses them

Definition of laboratory apparatus?

its a glassware used for different kind of lab. worksuch as pipettes,flask glass rods etc. apparatus is a tool. so laboratory apparatus are series of tools used in a lab. common are listed above

What is an example of a laboratory apparatus and how is it used?

A laboratory apparatus can refer to any piece of equipment in a lab. If you aren't sure how to use something in a lab, wait for instructions from a trained professional.

In a chemistry lab what is the circular iron structure used to support other apparatus called?

An iron ring. See the Related Questions to the left for more information about this lab apparatus.

Can you mention 50 any lab apparatus and their uses?


Can you help me find AP biology lab manual 2001 answers?

i know where all the AP Biology Lab manuals and answers can be found. where can we find it??

What is the function of media bottle lab apparatus?

The media bottle lab apparatus is used to hold the chemicals without getting affected. They follow OSHA regulation and global scientific standards.

What is the use of a water trough lab apparatus?

It is used to store water .

What is the name of the apparatus used to separate immiscible liquids in the lab?


Ap biology lab 8?

Population Genetics.

What are the two parts of the stamen?

Well, I just did a lab and my biology teacher told me that the names are anthers and filaments. The 3 parts of the pistil are the stigma, style, and ovary

Lab liquid dropper?

liquid dropper is an apparatus that means: it transfers small drops of liquid into an another apparatus like beaker.

What are hot plates used in biology?

the use of a hot plate in biology is to heat different things in the lab

Why is it a safety hazard to eat in the biology laboratory?

It is a hazard to eat in a biology lab because your food may have been contaminated by other items in the lab and you could then eat the contaminant.

Can you perform at experiment without laboratory apparatus?

yes. it all depends on the type of experiment you wan to do. there are also substitutions you can use for lab apparatus inside the home. some experiments that do not need lab apparatus are: the effect of saline water on plants, or the effect of oxygen and moisture on iron etc.

What is the primary standard apparatus in chemistry?

we use primary standard apparatus in chemistry lab to find accurate resultthe examples of primary standard apparatus arepippetteburreteVolumetric Flask

What are the uses of a clamp in a lab?

to hold some apparatus with restort stand. Example of apparatus:1) holding burrete 2) holding pipette