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Q: What are the names of two review courses that help prepare one for the MCAT?
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Where can find a review mcat prep?

The Mcat is a very difficult test that many people have difficulty with. The best place to find Mcat test prep materials is the Mcat website which is located at

What school subjects or courses would help you prepare to be a pediatrician?

Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as Calculus. These are the high school courses which will help prepare for these same courses at the college level. The MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) will test these four areas, in addition to testing proficiency in English grammar and comprehension, as well as quantitative analysis.

Where can I take MCAT prep classes?

The two most popular companies that offer MCAT prep classes are Princeton Review and Kaplan. I would visit their websites ( and to find out more about fees, locations, times, etc.

Books for MCAT prep and review?

There are a variety of places to find the books you need to succeed on the MCAT exam. You can start by looking online at, as well as the MCAT home website and see what they have to offer. Both of these website are sure to offer the best.

Does it cost to take the mcats?

There is a cost to take the MCAT test. The test cost $235, with additional costs for study materials or study courses.

What has the author Stefan Bosworth written?

Stefan Bosworth has written: 'MCAT sample exams' -- subject(s): Medical colleges, Examinations, questions, Examination Questions, Medicine, Entrance examinations, Study guides 'McAt Subject Review With Tests'

Which book to prepare for army medical college in Pakistan?

aoa! you should use Mcat for the preparation of entry test in army medical college in pakistan.

When will uhs display mcat syllabus 2012?

syllabus of mcat of 2012

Can a BS psychology graduate be a pediatrician?

A BS psychology graduate be a pediatrician. The graduate must take certain courses however and pass the MCAT to get into medical school.

What are some good resources for studying for the MCAT test?

Kaplan has really good prep courses, you should also ask others at your school and professors for suggestions.

About MCAT Practice Tests?

The MCAT, which stands for Medical College Admission Test, is a standardized exam that will test you on your writing skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and your knowledge of information that are prerequisites to studying medicine. Medical schools will look at the results of the MCAT to help determine who they will admit.Since the MCAT has such a big impact on admissions, many students take MCAT prep classes to help prepare. However, if you cannot afford MCAT prep classes, or if they aren't offered where you live, then you can take the MCAT practice test.Depending on which MCAT practice test, after you take the practice test, you may be given a list of ways to improve your performance along with your score. If you look around, you may be able to find a company or college who is offering a free MCAT practice test.Benefits of MCAT Practice TestThe main benefit of the MCAT practice test is that you'll be able to gauge how well you will do on the actual test. If you don't do very well on the MCAT practice test, you should have plenty of time to ensure you'll do well on the actual test. By taking the MCAT practice test, you will have to time to access your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths.By taking the MCAT practice test, you'll know what to expect on the real test. Taking the practice test will help you form an idea of what type of questions the MCAT will ask, and what information the MCAT will cover. When you take the real test, you won't be as worried and you likely won't find anything on the test that surprises you.Disadvantages of MCAT Practice TestThe main disadvantage of taking the MCAT practice test is the cost. Most likely, you'll have an extremely hard time finding a free MCAT practice test that accurately represents the type of questions you'll find on the MCAT. Therefore, you're probably going to spend some money to take the MCAT practice test. If you do manage to find a free MCAT practice test, chances are, it won't be very good quality.If you want to learn more about MCAT practice tests, you can visit By taking the MCAT practice test and doing well on it, you can ensure your admission into the medical school of your choice.

What is a good MCAT score?

Well, MCAT score is important but be aware that not only this thing should be taken into account during admission. GPA and MCAT are equally important for your admission.All in all, MCAT should be more than 35 to succeed.

Can you apply after graduation for mcat in Pakistan in Punjab?

yes.. on the base of Fsc MARKS..... YOU CAN APPLY FOR MCAT....

What is dat mcat pcat?

dat is dental mcat is medical pcat is pharmacy

Is mcat addictive?


How hard is the MCAT?


What are the other names for 4-mmc?

4-mmc, meow-meow, 4-methylmethcathinone, 4-methylephedrone, meph, drone, MCat and Bubbles.

What has the author Kent Bransford written?

Kent Bransford has written: 'Biology review for the new MCAT' -- subject(s): Biology, Entrance examinations, Examinations, questions, Medical colleges

What classes should you take as an undergraduate if you want to be a doctor?

It really depends on what university you want to apply for medicine into to. If you are in Canada - most, if not all medical schools, do not consider your undergraduate major. You can even apply with a music degree if you want!!! Courses recommended for medicine: - biology, chemistry, physics, English, and mathimatics (in order of importance) - these will help you prepare for your MCAT and also for the information that will be taught in Med School. these coureses are intended to help you to do better on the MCAT and in Med School, and are not necisarily required for medical school application. You should use common sense - e.g. it is better to take a course in anatomy or physiology than in marine biology. Aim your courses towards understanding the human body, Then also consider Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and engish because these are the things on the MCAT. hope this helps, best of luck!!!

What scores do you need in your mcat to go to vanderbilt?

Vanderbilt's average MCAT was an 11.7V. So roughly 35-36.

What is the highest score you can get on the mcat?


Which Doctor Osteopathic school does not require mcat?

All osteopathic medical schools in the United States require the MCAT for admission.

What does the MCAT stand for?

MCAT stands for Medical College Admissions Test, and is the test you must take to be considered for medical school.

Is it true that John Hopkins medical school do not require MCAT for admissions?

Hey...No MCAT is one of the requirements for John Hopkins...

How long does mcat stay in your system?

Mcat or Meow stays in your system for 3-6 days depending on the amount you take.