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What are the negative effects of culture?


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March 08, 2011 8:45PM

i firmly believe this question is unanswerable. as obvious as it sounds, to answer your question one must define culture. but the problem is that culture is far from definable.

culture can mean obvious objects (like clothes, CD's, paintings) but it is not in anyway limited there. take for instance mobile phones. while it may not seem appropriate straight away, think about a stranger to you, who was around 20 years old, friendly gets on alright with you and all the rest. now what would happen if you asked them for their mobile phone number, and they replied to you that they did not own a mobile phone. most people would think it was strange. it is therefore within our culture to own a mobile phone.


I believe culture has neither negative nor positive effect. Culture is inert. The way we act makes something positive or negative.


With the question being, what is it's negative effect, we have to look at the impact it makes on the individual.

To the ultra-conservative neophobe, culture represents the unknown and unwelcome. It is rituals, habits, traditions, and identities that they cannot relate to. This is why culture is negative: because it creates resentment. Generally speaking, people don't want to grow or learn. Most adults believe they are adequately educated enough to make grandiose judgments on things they know nothing about and have no desire to know about. They are not; they are scared and wish nothing more than to live comfortably in isolation with the 10 people they know the birthdays of.

To a government official, culture means art and music. Frankly, both of these things are negative because they take up too much money in our public school budgets. Because really, in 100 years when most everything is being done autonomously by computers, we as a society want to make sure there has not been any instillment of expression or creativity to justify human existence.