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its faster. Second thing Google Chrome support many add ons features like Google Page Rank, Awesome Screen Short...

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What new features are there in Google Chrome 20?

There are a number of features in the new Google Chrome. If you are not disconnected, it starts a game of dinosaurs.

What are Google Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome Extensions can be used for additional features. They are like plugins for add on functionality.

Is Google Chrome conflict with other browser?

No, Google Chrome does not conflict with other browsers. It maintains it's independence by its features.

Difference between internet explorer and Google Chrome?

Internet Explorer and Google chrome are both web browsers, programs made for displaying websites. They are both very similar. Internet Explorer is from Windows and is installed on every new Windows PC, Google chrome is from Google and free to download online. Google Chrome has more features and is faster.

Is the Google Chrome updated?

Yes, Google Chrome has updated over time very much. Numerous features are being added into it.

How do you use a manual proxy on Google Chrome?

google chrome is designed only to search things more quickly. other any additional features that internet explorer browser has, google chrome do not have.

Which is faster fire fox safari or Google Chrome?

In terms of performance or speed, Google Chrome is faster. It has various unique features too.

Does Google Chrome need antivirus or firewall?

Some features of Chrome need an antivirus. Some features need firewall access to open the application.

Do people like Google Chrome?

People do like Google Chrome because of it's simplicity. It is ad free and does not make un-necessary features.

What is the advantage of testing Google Chrome Beta?

There are both pros and cons to testing "Google Chrome Beta." The biggest advantage to a user would be that they get to try new features and report back on bugs before the official release.

What are the security features of Google Chrome browser?

Google Chrome comes packed with a variety of security features such as malware-prevention and safe browsing. Additionally, Chrome checks for updates regularly in order to keep Chrome's security system up to date.

How do you open Google Chrome?

Start > Google Chrome > Google Chrome

Is there a new version of Google Chrome?

Google chrome updates it self automatically so there is no need to worry about versions.

Can the MacBook use Google Chrome?

Google Chrome works on a new MacBook, but not on the PowerPC processors from the last decade.

Does Google Chrome suck?

Actually, Google Chrome is currently the fastest web browser, even over Safari. Chrome has a whole bunch of other features that put it slightly above others, too.

Are Google Chrome can support html5?

Yes, Chrome can support HTML5. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and has many features.

Is Firefox unhappy that Google released their Google Chrome web browser?

Unlikely; both are open source projects and can freely share features between each other with no worries. Google wantspeople to take features from Chrome (see Google Comics) and use them in their own browsers.

How can a person download the latest version of Google Chrome?

A person can download the latest version of google chrome by visiting the homepage and clicking on the link to the update. It may also be possible to find the update in the features and settings section in the original version of Google chrome

What is a web browser and features of a web browser?

A web browser is something like internet explorer, firefox, google chrome, etc. Most of the top features people want are speed and protection. Now, I recamnd getting google chrome because its REALLY fast. My internet explorer took 10 seconds to load a page and google chrome took barley a second. But if you want a browser thats good for customizing, get firefox. Its fast, but not a fast as google chrome. Also, google chrome has SOME customization features, like changing the adress bar texture/color.

Is Google Chrome cancelled?

No, you can download Google Chrome from Google.

What is the name of the web browser produced by Google?

Google has created a browser called Google Chrome. It is very fast and has various unique features.

Apple Safari or Google Chrome?

Google Chrome. Safari loads pages very slowly, isn't too safe for browsing, has very few features, and it fills the screen with unnecessary items. chrome, on the other hand, is one of the fastest browsers, has a bunch of useful features (especially the homepage) , is very space-conserving, and it is probably safer than mozilla with the new updates. when google scans the internet it also runs virus scans of every page of the internet, so when you visit a site that google has detected to have a virus with chrome, it alerts you.

Is Google not working on Opera Browser. The Whole Google Franchise is not allowing me to use YouTube Google etc?

Opera has been my main browser for the last ten years, and all programs and sites work just fine for me, including Google and YouTube. But it's true that some site and program features try to make it a little harder for you in Opera, because Google tries to push you towards using Google Chrome. Hovever, if you google 'install chrome features in opera' you get a simple how-to that will allow you to use Opera with all the Chrome features.

Do you have to have a Google account to have Google Chrome?

No you don't need a google account to have google chrome

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