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It depends on the RPM at Idle speed your low side apr.. 40

and High side at about 150 at 2000 RPM LOW 22 High 230

if high is over 250 there is to much 134A in system at a

amibent temp. of 70 degrees F. RPM and outside temp effects



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diagram of cadillac catera exhaust system

The water pump for a 1998 Cadillac catera should be on the front of the engine. It is located near the center.

There is a dipstick under the hood of a Cadillac Catera that you can pull to check your transmission fluid. You should do this when the engine is hot.

well not for how but cadillac cateras were only made from 1997 to 2001

You cannot adjust the idle in a 1998 Cadillac Catera. It is computer controlled. If the idle is not at 750 rpms then there is another problem with the engine. Check for codes with an OBD2 tester.

engine oil pan is on bottom of engine transmission oil pan is on bottom of transmission

Your library has all the info you need , Just copy what you need there.

Your 3.0 L - V6 engine has a timing BELT

when you are in front of the car its on the bottom of the engine on the right side

Follow the top radiator hose down to the water outlet on the engine. It is in the outlet.

3.0 v6 the only difference is the airflow system and transmission

Get the complete Manuals I bought them 3 in e-bay for about $35.00

It is on the front of the engine. It is not a job for a backyard meahcnic.

ground cable under the car. you need a good ground from engine to frame.

on top of the engine in the back " not for beginings" the upper intake must be removed!

the belt you are asking about is the one on the front of the engine it turns the alternator & power steering pump.

On the left side of the engine near the brake booster/master cylinder.

The 1999 Cadillac thermostat can be found on the front of the engine. The thermostat will be inside of the thermostat housing. You can follow the top radiator hose directly to the thermostat housing.

On the low rear of the engine. It can be accessed from under the car only. It is held on by a single bolt. Len

There are many sensors on the Catera. The exhaust has two on each exhaust pipe. There are many more in other parts of the engine.

It has a breather instead of a valve It is located at the back of the engine and is a block mounted to the engine. It does not look like a traditional PCV. It is deep on the engine block and very difficult to get to.

there is no place for you to check it. the dealership will check it for you. and it only holds 6.5 quart's. if you have the 3.0L engine.

The heater core in a 1998 Cadillac Catera can be located by referring to the engine diagram in the owner manual. A repair book is another great reference tool used to answer mechanical questions.

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