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There are three nouns and a proper adjective.

Thomas Hooker, father, and democracy are nouns.

American here is an adjective, although it can be a noun.

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Q: What are the nouns in the sentence Thomas Hooker has been called father of American democracy?
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Founder of Connecticut?

The Reverend Thomas Hooker is the founder ofConnecticut as well as the \Father of America Democracy.

Who was the founding father of democracy in America?

Thomas Hooker

What have historians call minister thomas hooker?

The father of Democracy

What have some historians called minister Thomas Hooker?

The father of Democracy

Who wrote the fundamental orders?

The Connecticut Colony

How old was Thomas hooker?

thomas hooker was 61 when he died.

What was Thomas hookers nickname?

the father of American democracy

What were the names of Thomas hookers kids?

Joanna Hooker Mary Hooker John Hooker Anne Hooker Sarah Hooker Sarah Hooker (yes, two Sarahs) Samuel Hooker* Thomas Hooker Alice Hooker

Why did Thomas hooker do that was so important?

thomas hooker founded conneticut

Why did Thomas Hooker die?

Thomas Hooker died because he had cancer in his heart

What colony did Thomas Hooker found?

Thomas Hooker was the founder of Connecticut in 1636

When was Thomas Hooker born?

Thomas Hooker was born on July 5, 1586.