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One Cup Sliced (120 grams)

Calories 78 from fat 2, total fat 0.2 g, cholesterol 0 mg, sodium 31 mg, total carbohydrates 16 g, dietary fiber 2 g, sugars 0, protein 5 g, vitamin A 0%, vitamin C 3%, calcium 1%, Iron 18%

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What is nutritional content?

Nutritional content include Vitamins, Protein, Fat, Sugars, Carbohydrate and energy

Is the nutritional content of different brands of vegetables the same?

Nutritional content of vegetables will vary from different criterias. Country of origin, freshness, water content, etc.. But you can consider that nutritional content is generally similar from a brand to another (keep in mind the different criterias)

Is nutritional a noun?

The word 'nutritional' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun, such as nutritional content or nutritional value.Another noun form is nutrition.

What type of biotechnology seeks to improve the nutritional content of foods?

there nutritional needs are blood,and webs

Are advocados and bananas the same nutrition?

Avocados and Bananas do not have the same nutritional content. Avocados are a healthier choice because they double or triple the nutritional content Bananas have.

What is arrowroot cookies?

Arrowroot cookies are a type of cookie made with arrowroot flour. Arrowroot cookies tend to be given to babies as teething biscuits.

What are uraro?

Arrowroot, or flour made from arrowroot.

What is arrowroot?

Arrowroot is a form of starch. It is extracted from the plant.

What is nutritional norms?

these are standardized values for the nutrient content of foods.

The nutritional content of the soil can be maintained or improved by?

crop rotation

What is the nutritional content of human semen after vasectomy?

same as it was before

Does the color of a egg affect the nutritional content of the egg?

no dude its' not

What is arrowroot and its uses?

Arrowroot is a thickener like cornstarch and flour.

What is the nutritional content of plain flour?

yess becuse i went on the dighet ....

The nutritional content of the soil can be improved by?

crop rotation :) trust me i know

Why do you not eat grass?

Low nutritional content. It also tastes funny.

Does drying affect nutritional content of fruits and vegetables?

High level of heat will affect the nutrient content, moisture too.

Who is isabelo concepcion?

who did the nutritional research focusing on the vitamin content of the diet of the filipino

What is the nutritional content of a boiled egg?

80 calories with yolk 16 without

Technology used to produce plants with better nutritional content?

recombinant DNA

What can you instead of arrowroot or cornstarch?

You can use flower but arrowroot is the best, It does not discolor of contribute to the flavor.

What is the meaning of food and applied nutrition?

Applied nutrition is the study of food and its nutritional content.

Will deep frying vegetables destroy the nutritional content?

yes, as it is fatty due to the high content of oil used to deep fry! fool.

What is arrowroot flour?

Arrowroot is a water plant. Its roots make a flour that is used in teething biscuits.

Is arrowroot suitable for vegans?

Yes for sure. A lot of vegan recipes actually use arrowroot.

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