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Most Muslims follow this - The 5 Pillars of Islam * Belief in Allah * Give to the poor * Visit the holy city of Mecca at least once in lifetime * Do not eat or drink while the sun is up during Ramadan * Must pray five times a day towards Mecca

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Q: What are the obligations of a Muslim?
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Is she a Muslim or not?

If she believes in Islam and performs Islam obligations, then she is Muslim. Refer to questions below for more information.

What should a Muslim do when a ruler does not live up to his obligations?

Frankly speaking, no human being lives up to his obligations. If a ruler does not live up to his obligations and yet his rule is established and he is followed by the majority, no Muslim has the right to rebel (Khrooj) against him. The Muslim scholars, though, are divided in their opinion, yet most of them say that to avoid bloodshed of the Muslims, the ruler should be advised by the scholars to mend his ways. Yet, rebellion will be Un-Islamic if it results into bloodshed, disorder and disharmony in the Muslim society. A common Muslim should try to live up to his own obligations.

Are Shah Rukh Khan's children Muslim?

yes of course his children are Muslim even though the do not offer the religious obligations regularly

What is hedonism from the Islamic point of view?

It is not looked upon kindly. It is your responsibility as a Muslim to hold your obligations to family and the community highly.

What can Muslim women not do?

All obligations and requirements per Islam religion that should be maintianed and followed by Muslim women are the same as that to be followed by Muslim men. Accordingly, you can refer to the question below on the fundamentals of Islam where all of them apply for both Muslim men and women.

What freedoms and restrictions did the Jews and Christians have in the Muslim Empire?

They have same rights and obligations as Muslims. However, they are required not to attack Muslims or deprive them from their homes or lands.

What freedoms and restrictions did Christians and Jews have in the Muslim empire?

They have same rights and obligations as Muslims. However, they are required not to attack Muslims or deprive them from their homes or lands.

What are five obligations for a Muslim?

the five pillars of Islam fasting hajj give money to mecca 5 prayers a day and something else look it up

What are obligations?


Should a Muslim read Quran?

Yes, Muslim is highly rewarded when reading Quran. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that on reading Quran, a Muslim gets 'Hasana' on each letter he reads and his reward is doubled if he tries to overcome difficulty in Quran reading. Reading Quran helps in getting the Muslim closer to God (Allah) and more understandable to the religion obligations. Reading and studying Quran is kind of worship. However, how much to read of Quran and how frequently is left to the capacity of each Muslim.

What family obligations did Chinese person have?

They had many obligations.

Which best describes women in the islamic society?

They were ordered to not tempt men. Apex.. :)