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What are the obstacles faced by members of family in perpetuating family values?

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2008-02-03 05:04:25

== I think it was most difficult to model the behaviors that

reflected my beliefs--including honesty, life skills, treatment of

other people--when there was a conflicting message that some of

these things could be overlooked or not noticed. However, that is

precisely when you should stick to your guns. For instance, when my

child took candy from the store and I found out after getting home,

I made him return it to the store, pay for it and then asked for

the manager to talk to him. He ended up in a tour in the area of

the store where they watch shoplifters and found out what happens

if they are caught. I could have scolded him only at home and no

one would have known the difference. We paid full price at places

who would have accepted him as younger than he was.

I'd look at But I also found this business that

makes journals for those trying to record their family's stories...

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