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Well, the only safe way is for a condom and the pill(or whatever Birth Cont. she is on). It is normal for a woman so young to be irregular. Until I got on the pill, my periods were always late and early. It just depends on what's going on in her life. Has she been stressed out about something, changed her diet, or been excercising more? If an entire month goes by, take a home PG test.

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What are some symptoms of being pregnant when you have a Mirena?

Look for regular symptoms of pregnancy: Morning sickness, tender breasts, etc. If you're worried, then take a pregnancy test.

Had a regular period last month but having pregnancy symptoms this month?

You can still be pregnant and have a period. I would advise you to take a pregnancy test, if you are worried got your GP.

Could you be pregnant if you normally have an irregular period but it has been regular for the last three months and you have had cramping?

If you were pregnant, it would probably be the other way round, so your period would usually be regular and then suddenly be irregular. You are probably not pregnant, but if you're really worried, do a pregnancy test. Hope I helped!

Should you be worried usually get a regular period but it is 3 days late now and during the month you have had sex with your partner but have used condoms should you be worried?

No you should not be worried. There are many things that can cause a period to be late even if you are regular. Being stressed, worried, anxious, stuff like that can throw it off by a few days to even a week. Like if you're worried about the possibility of being pregnant, and you know you took all the right steps in preventing a pregnancy, and there were no oppsies. You're just psyching yourself out, and that stress can actually delay a period. If you don't get your period within a week of when you normally start, do take a pregnancy test or consult your doctor. Hope this helps. Best of luck :)

Is breaking out a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is not. But if you are worried about being pregnant, get a pregnancy test.

If you were on the pill and had regular sex and had two periods since and then felt sick for three days after having sex after your last period should you be worried about pregnancy?

Yes, all the symptons you say you have are the early stage of pregnancy.

You are one week late on your period and am taking Birth Control should you be worried about being pregnant?

It depends on how regular your period usually is. If you're concerned, you can take an over the counter pregnancy test. First Response can give you results this early in your cycle.

How do you know if you are late with your period if you are not regular because stopping the the pill?

Take a pregnancy test. Chances are if you are worried about being late, there would enough hormones to give you a positive or negative test.

My period is 5 days late. Only the 2nd since baby?

It is probably just because you haven't got back into a regular cycle, but if you're worried, take a pregnancy test

If you are on the pill and are very regular but you are a week early and spotting is this a symptom of pregnancy?

not necessarily birth control can cause irregularity in menstrual cycles its even known to cause caner and other reproductive harm use them with caution if your worried see a doctor or clinic or take a pregnancy test

No cardiac activity 5 weeks 6 days pregnancy?

usually the cardinal activity starts in 8th week,, its too early to be worried about this.. get another ultrasound in after week 8.

Should i be worried if your nipples are burning and a lump formed during pregnancy?


If you have an IUD in and have your period at the same time can you still be pregnant?

The main signs of pregnancy are missing period and positive pregnancy test. Take a pregnancy test if you're worried.

Are diarrhea and cramping and a short period a signs of pregnancy?

If you have a period, then you are not pregnant. Diarrhea and cramping can be side affects of menstruation. If you are worried that you are bleeding in a way that doesn't seem like a regular period, you ought to consult a gynecologist.

Should you take a pregnancy test on your period?

There should be no reason for you to take a test if you have your period only if you are worried terribly or you have an irregular period such as spotting . but usually your fine once your period comes

Is an EKG harmful during pregnancy?

No it is not. If you are worried speak to the staff and your doctor who told you to have one.

How long after a missed period should you be worried about pregnancy?

If your period is always on time you can worry within a few days after missing...But normally a week late is enough to take a pregnancy test to see I would add that if you are worried about pregnancy and weren't doing so, you should be using proper contraception or not having sex.

What is pregnancy discharge like?

its the same as any normal discharge usually don't expect nothing more than what you usually get then you wont be shocked by anything the only thing to worry about is blood discharge is fine as long as it not immense we all instinctively know the difference between an emergency and normal so don't stress pregnancy can do all sorts of strange stuff to our body's if worried don't be worried about popping into the maternity unit as it also gets you use to what to expect during labour :)

Is continuous nightmares a sign of pregnancy?

No, continuous nigthmares are a sign of you worried about it.Or too much for dinner.Or anxiety issues.Is a sign that your mind is worried about something, just that.

Abrahams last days as being president?

he was worried about the dream that had presived him earlier that week before he was assassinated

Does being paranoid and worried about being pregnant delay your period eventhough you used the condom right?

Being paranoid or worried does not delay your period although in some cases stress does. If you are that worried about being pregnant you can go buy a pregnancy test and test yourself for pregnancy. Best thing is just not worry and hope for the best really ;P

How soon would you know that your pregnant?

With the most modern pregnancy test you can get a positove result up to 5 days before your missed period. However this depends on your cycle being regular. If you are at all worried you should have a urine test at your doctor.

Does shouting affect the early pregnancy like miscarriage?

No, a fetus will not be able to hear until week 20 if that is what you are worried about. And then the result is not miscarriage. A healthy pregnancy is not that fragile.

Should you be worried If My periods are late?

Not as long as you keep having them. If they are regular that is what is normal for you. If not they can be regulated.

At what age to girls get their period?

Umm usually between 10 and 16 however it can sometimes be a little earlier or even a little later. But if your worried about go and see your docter than help with any questions. good luck