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I would say good, especially if you ovulated.

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2010-01-12 01:57:28
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Q: What are the odds of bein pregnant if he only ejaculated inside of you once?
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What are the odds of you being pregnant?

The odds of me being pregnant are 0 as I am male.

I ejaculated and wiped off my sperm with a tissue and I THINK I got like a drop on my hand and wiped it off on a separate cloth and after some time touched her vagina. Odds of she getting pregnant?

There will always be a small chance in a situation where sperm gets into the vagina.

How will you come to know that you had proper intercourse with your partner and now you will get pregnant?

If you had intercourse, that is a penis was inserted into the vagina and the male ejaculated you can get pregnant. The odds are you will not, but it's like rolling the dice, you can get pregnant. If he is honest and aware of his body he can tell you if he did ejaculate. Or you could tell all by yourself in most cases, if you were much more wet than usual when he finished. Get pregnancy tested anyway.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with quadruplets?

The odds of becoming pregnant with quadruplets is 1 in 571,787. The odds increase depending on age, and if fertility treatments were used to conceive.

What are the odds of getting pregnant at age 55?


Is it easier to get pregnant after a pap smear?

A pap smear does not change the odds of getting pregnant.

What are the odds of getting a girl pregnant after the guy ejaculated a first time?

The chances of getting a woman pregnant are the same. Each time a male ejaculates they are sending out millions of tiny sperm which can impregnate a female. It is also 100% possible to get a woman pregnant while having sexual relations and not having an ejaculation. Always remember that safe sex is always the best for both partners.

You want to get pregnant in withdrawal method?

If you keep using it the odds are pretty good that you will become pregnant,

What is the odds of getting pregnant while using a condom?


What are the odds of getting pregnant if I'm on the pill and my bf never finishes inside Also what does it mean when Ur period stops early when on the pill Does this mean you might be pregnant?

I'm just curious. anyhelp would be great thankyou

The odds of getting pregneat with a tuble?

There are many people called Tuble and the odds of getting pregnant with one depends on your relationship.

What are the odds of becoming pregnant after a csection and tubal?

Between 2 and 5 women get pregnant after a csection and tubal.

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