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I replied to your other post. Chances are highly unlikely.

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Q: What are the odds of being pragnent if you had protected sex but a week later your girlfriend has very sore breasts and is very tired but she is currently having her period?
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Your breasts are swollen and tender can that be a symtom for my period?

Yes. The same things happens with my girlfriend. Her breasts become very sensitive a few days before her period.

How do you feel her breasts?

Many girls like there breasts being touched in lots of ways. All women are different and like different things. For example my girlfriend likes be being rough with her and likes me biting and sucking her breasts

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If your girlfriend is fondling and doing other things to another girl's breasts then she is exploring her own sexuality and trying to figure out who she is. Not all girls do this and it is not the norm so your girlfriend may be bisexual or even perhaps gay. If you accept her actions then you enable the behavior or it's titillating you, but you may end up the loser in all of this. You need to have a serious talk with your girlfriend.

Bones that protect the breast and lungs?

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What are the chances of being pregnant if you had proctected sex and a week later your girlfriend has VERY tender breasts and she says they really hurt she is currently having her period normally?

Hello. Based on what you said the chances of pregnancy are highly unlikely. Tender breasts is a symptom of a period. A lot of girls dont have tender breasts during their periods then suddenly they experience tender breasts. This is commin so dont worry. You used protection...hopefully a condom or BCP...and providing the condom didnt tear or fall off then its highly unlikely she is pregnant. Hope this has helped you some. Period = NOT pregnant, end of story

Do women like being ejaculated on their breasts?

My girlfriend enjoyed it when I stroked my penis while watching her be totally nude and masturbate and then groaned and my penis ejaculated quite a lot of semen on her breasts, but also on her abdomen, inner thighs, and her vulva. so it depends on the woman, though my girlfriend does not like being cummed on the face, or neck.

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If your girlfriend has bigger breasts and has been more sleepy does it mean shes pregnant?

No, there are other possible causes, but that may be one explanantion

How do you feel up your girlfriend when making out because I know how to get to the touching her breasts bit but after that do you just squeeze them or something?

Just cup a feel...

How do you say you have nice breasts in German?

Du hast tolle Brüste. But seriously, only say it to your girlfriend. Every other girl will hit you.

What are the chances my girlfriend is pregnant if her period started on June 29th and we had protected sex with a condom that did not rip on July 8th and now her breasts are swollen and she is moody?

It's extremely normal for a woman's breast to swell before her period. Her moodiness comes with the pre-menstral portion. She is ovulating. I wouldn't worry about it unless an entire month goes by with no period.

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Is womens breasts soft and tender Could it be squuezed?

soft breastsYes, a woman's natural breasts are very soft as breasts primarily consist of fat. Her breasts can be tender, sore, hurt, feel normal or have no feeling at all depending upon the woman and the time of the month. Most women do not have a lot of feeling in their breasts. Squeezing, touching, caressing, rubbing and tickling are all good as long at the woman approves. soft breastsIt is!!!! When I had sex with my girlfriend, i touched her breasts and it feels so tender/soft and so smooth that i want to touch longer, it feels simply GREAT!!1 To all people; women breasts are damn smooth, 1oo% sure!!! experiencesI think it is becos i had sex with my three girlfriends(using condoms), and I touch them when'doing it', and it is so smooth. One of my girlfriends although had small breasts, it is cute, soft to the touch and it feels very warm.....................

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Tawaret was a goddess who protected women during pregnancy and childbirth. Appearance: * Head of a hippopotamus with the arms and legs of a lion * The back and tail of a crocodile * The breasts and stomach of a pregnant woman.

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