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The only chance is precum, but if he urinated after his last ejaculation then their are no sperm cells in the precum. Chances arnt high, but you should use a condom.

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Is it true that if you've already had one child the chances of you getting pregnant again are very high especially when your having unprotected pullout sex?

No this is not true. The likelihood of you becomming pregnant depends on where you are in your cycle and how fertile you are. The withdrawal method has a very high faiure rate. You should use a condom and not use the pullout/withdrawal method.

How effective is the pullout method?

It's quite effective to get pregnant. It's not a contraceptive method to trust in any way.

You used the pullout method the day you got your period How likely is it that you can get pregnant?

When using withdrawal, you can get pregnant whether you have your period or not!

What does pullout mean?

The pullout method is when the man pulls out of the woman before he ejaculates. However, it is not a reliable method of contraception because he can release pre-ejaculate before he pulls out and the woman can still get pregnant from that

How likely is it to be pregnant if its the first night of you're period and he pulled out?

The pullout method is the most unreliable method of birth control. Pregnancy is always a possibility - be protected.

What are the odds of getting pregnant if you use the withdrawal method the day after she stops bleeding?

The withdrawal method is not contraception, but the chances of pregnancy are very low at this stage in a woman's cycle.

If you are bleeding after the Mirena is removed can you still get pregnant?

It is possible that you can get pregnant after Mirena is removed even if you are bleeding. If you don't want to be pregnant, use another method of birth control.

Can a woman get pregnant from sperm that doesn't go inside the vagina but just goes on her thigh or leg?

If you have sex without protection you can get a girl Pregnant!!! It is possible for Sperm to come out at anytime during sex. If you don't want any chance to get a girl pregnant use something. Birth control pill and a Condom. The pullout method does not work for STDs or pregnancy!!! I am a former nurse and have a son from the use of "pullout method" as a teen. No. No, if it is only on your leg you cannot get pregnant

Can you still get pregnant if youre on the pill use a condom and the pullout method?

That's being overly cautious, but whatever floats yer boat, i guess

How possible is pregnancy if the pull-out method is used frequently namely around ovulation during the first month after a surgical abortion?

The pullout method is not an efficient method of preventing pregnancy at all; you can still become pregnant from pre-ejaculate.

What are the odds of getting pregnant using pull out method?

The odds of getting pregnant are actually quite high, probably approaching the odds of getting pregnant without using any contraceptive method over a period of time.

Can you get pregnant while am sterilized by ivf?

In Vitro Fertilisation is a method of getting pregnant.

If i have endometriosis and we use the pull out method what are my chances of getting pregnant?

The pull out method is NOT reliable, so even with endometriosis, you can STILL get pregnant!

What are your chances of getting pregnant after your period and using the pull out method?

The pull out method doesn't work. You can get pregnant before, during, and after your period.

What is the chance of getting pregnant if you use the rhythm method?

The rhythm method requires training by a doctor. If it's not done right, you'll get pregnant!

How dangerous is the pullout method?

EXTREMELY dangerous, so don't even THINK about using it!

What are the earliest signs of pregnancy and how possible is it with the pullout method?

The pull out method is more like a method to get pregnant to be honest. There's pre-cum that he can not feel and it's there to clean the urethra before the actual ejaculation. The earliets signs differ from woman to woman. Some feel sick from the first day pretty much while others don't. Not getting your period is a sign. If you think you are pregnant you can take a test 10-14 days after sex the earliest for it to be reliable.

Is there any chance of getting pregnant if your partner uses the withdrawal method and it is one day after your period?

Yes. Since there is sperm in the precum, there is always a chance of getting pregnant with the pull-out method. "Take Sex with Sue Johansen" says women get pregnant within a year of using this method.

What percent of women get pregnant from the pullout method?

Well if depends if you ejaculate inside or out...... typically it is referred to as a 70% effective method of birth control if you don't always do it correctly and 96% method of birth control if always do it correctly. But ultimately, did you ejeculate in her? or did you not? you can never be sure, so wear a condom :)

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