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What are the odds of getting pregnant if you are on birth control and use the withdrawal method?


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2010-10-05 05:30:21
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Birth control for everybody is different.

But as long as you are taking birth control correctly ( I'm talking about pill's taken at the same time everyday , without missing any) then yes you should be protected.

Be aware that certain antibiotics can lessen the effectiveness of birth control pills. To be safe, if you're taking antibiotics, use a condom as well.

Although if you are using the withdrawal method , this does not stop STD's or any other infections.

On the pill, 4 in every 100 women will becaome pregnant within a year, and that is still if you are taking it correctly; Everyday at the same time. If you are inconsistant--missing days, taking them late, or even taking antibiotics that may lower the effectiveness, etc, then your chances of getting pregnant are about 50/50 depending on your body. You either will, or you won't.


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Age makes no difference, withdrawal is NOT a method of birth control and you have a 30% chance of getting pregnant.

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If you're on birth control then you don't need to use to withdrawal method because you're having protected sex. It is very unlikely that you will get pregnant

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The risk is very high indeed , as one sperm if it gets in the vagina in the withdrawl method is enough to make the women pregnant.

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no there is no chance you will get pregnant if a guy cums inside you .

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The withdrawal method has a high failure rate. But because you was on the last day of your period then it is unlikely you will become pregnant hun.

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