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The withdrawal method is not contraception, but the chances of pregnancy are very low at this stage in a woman's cycle.

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Q: What are the odds of getting pregnant if you use the withdrawal method the day after she stops bleeding?
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How effective is withdrawal and the rhythm method?

Age makes no difference, withdrawal is NOT a method of birth control and you have a 30% chance of getting pregnant.

What is the probability of getting pregnant using the withdrawal method?

Nearly 100%!

Is there a high chance of getting pregnant using withdrawal method?

no there is no chance you will get pregnant if a guy cums inside you .

What are the chances of getting pregnant using the withdrawal method on day 7 of your menstrual cycle?

The withdrawal method has a high failure rate. But because you was on the last day of your period then it is unlikely you will become pregnant hun.

In withdrawal bleeding is clotting common?

No. Withdrawal is NOT a safe method of birth control, and the bleeding needs to be checked out by your doctor.

What is the chance of getting pregnant by withdrawal method?

There is no exact percentage to how safe the "withdrawal method" is. But basically, this form of protection should never be relied on. Pre-cum can often be enough to get someone pregnant. So please, never rely on this method.

If a person has sex 5 times in one night using pull out method what are the chances of getting pregnant?

The chances are that you will get pregnant as the withdrawal method is highly unreliable.

Could you be pregnant if you have been having light cramps after your period and your boyfriend used the withdrawal method and then he wiped you with his hands?

Withdrawal method has the same risk of pregnancy as the non-withdrawal method. So yes you can be pregnant.

Am I pregnant if I am two weeks late and My BF is using withdrawal method and he's pretty good at it for 6 years now?

6 years of using the withdrawal method without getting you pregnant is very good. However the odds are pretty good that he will get you pregnant that way.

Is withdrawal method can be pregnant?

Yes. Withdrawal is the WORST decision anyone can make.

What are the chances of getting pregnant using the withdrawal method on ones 20th day of her cycle?

Your chances are nearly 100%!

What are the chances of getting pregnant using the withdrawal method on day 16 of your menstrual cycle?

Your chances are EXTREMELY high!

Is there any chance of getting pregnant if your partner uses the withdrawal method and it is one day after your period?

Yes. Since there is sperm in the precum, there is always a chance of getting pregnant with the pull-out method. "Take Sex with Sue Johansen" says women get pregnant within a year of using this method.

Is there a chance of getting pregnant if you had a sex 1 week after your last day of period and you only used withdrawal method?

Yes there is a chance of being pregnant.

Can you get someone pregnant using the withdrawal method?


What are the odds of getting pregnant on the withdrawal method and incorrectly taken birth control?

The risk is very high indeed , as one sperm if it gets in the vagina in the withdrawl method is enough to make the women pregnant.

What are the chances of getting pregnant using a spermicide and the pull out method?

FORGET withdrawal because it's NOT reliable. Use a condom instead.

How do you get pregnant using the withdrawel method?

Withdrawal doesn't work, so you just get pregnant.

What are chances of being pregnant using withdrawal method?

The percentage is very high in the withdrawl method, you could get pregnant soon.

Pregnant from the withdraw method?

yes, this has happened to a lot of people. The withdrawal method is NOT as reliable as a condom.

Is it alsways good to always use the withdrawal method for not getting pregnant?

It's NEVER good to use that method, it's not birthcontrol!There is always pre-cum and you can get pregnant. Lots of ppl do every day. Get a proper contraception.

How long will it take to fall pregnant with the pull out method?

Withdrawal DOESN'T work. You'll get pregnant!

You want to get pregnant in withdrawal method?

If you keep using it the odds are pretty good that you will become pregnant,

What percent it is possible to get pregnant if you use withdrawal method?

Nearly 100%!

Could you be pregnant if you are a week and a half late with pregnancy symptoms and by using the withdrawal method about 10 times?

Yes, you certainly could. withdrawal is not a method of contraception.