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What are the options for printing digital pictures?


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Digital photography makes your print processing easier and cheaper. You can choose your photo paper, which printer type to use or choose an online printing service to print your photos.

Here are some of your printing options:

  • Online printing services. The ease of an online printing service often outweighs the expense, since at home you also have to consider the expense of toner and a printer. Most services allow online uploading of your prints, and mail you your prints for pennies on the dollar. Some even provide online cropping and noise reduction tools or the ability to store your photos online.
  • Printing on photo paper. Buying a printer, toner and good photo paper can be expensive. However, you have more control of the quality of your prints and you don�t have to wait to find how your prints will appear.
AnswerThe great thing about digital photography is the number of choices that you have as well as the fact that you can now print only the photos that you want. Here are some of the options for printing:

1. Photo printer at home-there are quite a few home photo printers that have the memory card slots right on the front of it so you can either download the photos to the computer and then send what you want to the printer (allowing you to edit and save the pictures first) or you can simply remove the memory card from the camera and insert it into the slot on the printer and hit the print button. Some of the printers even have an LCD on it so that you can scroll through the photos and do simple editing on the printer.

2. Photo processing retail-Almost all of the photo processing shops that you used for your 35mm film will now have equipment for digital processing. You can drop off your memory card or some shops have you select what photos you want as well as the quantity off of a computer monitor like device.

3. Online printing services-very low cost-you just upload the photos to the site and make your selections and then they send them to you in the mail. Also great for special occassions because most offer space on their website for your pictures and give you a password that you can send to your family and friends so they can view your pictures and order what they want, pay for them and then have the pictures sent directly to them.

Digital printing offers various options and your creativity will make things better. There are templates that are available online to fit your different specifications. There are photo booths that would do the printing job professionally for you, and of course, photo printing at home is a hobby that is gaining so much popularity because of the satisfaction that emerge out of the efforts exerted by the ordinary people.


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Some photo developers are able to put the pictures onto a CD and then you could do digital printing. You could also scan the photo into the computer and then use digital printing.

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Offset printing is an indirect image transfer. This is common for putting a picture on cakes. Digital printing uses files and PDF's that are part of a software program. This is comon for printing pictures.

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Scanning and printing. (Printing = taking digital pictures and text from the computer and putting them on physical paper Scanning = taking physical pictures and text on paper and digitizing them into the computer)

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Get a printer that is designed to print high quality images. Xerox or Canon are two great choices that come to mind when it comes to printing high quality pictures.

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With digital you will have a lot more options. You will be able to create just about anything you want to. You can easily crop, edit, size and enhance just about any digital image in a huge variety of different ways.

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