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How does the skeletal system relate to the other systems?

As you know, The skeletal system is the bones. it is a part of your body as the other systems

How does skeletal systems relate to other system?

The skeletal system protects most systems, while the muscel system moves the bones.

What other systems depend on the skeletal system?

Muscular System(:

How does the skeletal system connect to the other systems?


Why is skeletal system a system?

Becuase it supports you like your other systems

How does the muscular system relate to the other systems with your body?

The muscular system relates to the skeletal system because the muscular system uses the skeletal systems joints to form levers for movement.

How does the immune system work with other systems?

== == Skeletal Cardovascular

Which body system supports and protects the other body systems?

skeletal system

What other system work with the muscular?

Other systems that work with the muscular system are the skeletal system. & the digestive system.

What other systems is the nervous system interdependent of?

the nervous system is interdependent to the cardiovascular and skeletal system.

How does the skeletal system work with other systems?

it works with the musclular system to have the ability to carry something and it works with the nervous system to send signals to your brain and back. The skeletal system is the system that supports the body. The skeletal system holds the other systems of the body together. It works with the Muscular system to allow us to move

How does the skeletal system affect the other body systems?

skeletal system affects other body systems in many ways. such as it affects circulatory system because red blood marrow in bone bone makes blood

What other systems interact with the muscular system besides the skeletal system?

The Muscular system interacts with most, if not all other systems. It is most directly affected by the skeletal system though, as it provides a place for muscle attachment and support for all.

How organ systems function in an interdependent way?

systems that are interdependent to each other; - muscular/skeletal system -cardio vascular/circulatory system -digestive/excretory system -nervous/skeletal system -endocrine/immune system

What other systems does the digestive system work with to sustain life?

Like all the systems, the digestive system works with the skeletal system. The skeletal system provides support and structure. The muscular system, as the esophagus uses muscles in peristalsis.

What is a human body systems?

The human body systems include the respiratory system, the skeletal system, the digestive system, and the immune system. Other systems include the integumentary system and the nervous system.

What other system must work with muscles and how do the two systems work together?

the skeletal and muscular systems

How does the skeletal system work with other body systems?

I thinkyes it can be goodfor your body.

What body system works with the other body systems?

Every body system works with all the other body systems in order to keep the body functioning. For instance, the muscular system makes the bones move and the skeletal system carries the muscles around. The muscular and skeletal systems wouldn't last long without the respiratory and circulatory systems. Each system needs the other systems in order to survive.

What other systems work with the respiratory system?

The Digestive SystemThe Skeletal SystemThe Circulatory SystemThe Muscular SystemAnd The Respiratory System.

What happens to the other systems if the skeletal system fails?

All the sytems will fail and you will die

Fact about the skeletal system?

the smallest bone in the human body is in the inner ear.. ..the skeletal holds all other systems in are body.

How is circulatory system related to other systems in the body?

its related because it is a body system

Which system contains the cartilage?

Cartilage is contained in the human skeletal and muscular systems. The nose, ears, and many other organs also contain cartilage.

What system does the skeletal system not work with?

the skeletal does not work by itself it works with other systems in the body so that you could have more energy inside your body and that you could not be a big balloon and the skeletal system have 206 bones in the human body.