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A school newspaper typically includes sections such as news, features, sports, opinion/editorial, arts and entertainment, and sometimes a section for student submissions like poems or artwork. It may also include a letter from the editor, advertisements, and important announcements or event listings.

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* Teacher of the week * Student of the week * Poll * Crossword * Whats New in School * Help Wanted with _________________ * Club Meetings

* (for grade level newspaper) Home Work for the week

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1. Editorial

2. New Stories

3. Feature story

4. Columns

5. Business News

6. Sports News

7. Readers Opinions

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Q: What are the parts of a school newspaper?
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There are some good newspaper articles you can bring to school for health and social care class. You can bring body parts and food that are healthy.

What are the best names for a school newspaper?

The best names for a school newspaper would be The Weekly Tribune, The Daily School Happenings, The Roar. These names would be great. Use your school team's name for the name of a school newspaper.

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The name of the school newspaper in Wizard 101 is "The Ravenwood Bulletin".

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puking basa

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If you want to truly go into journalism, then you should become part of a television program or school newspaper during college. A school newspaper can provide you with tremendous experience for a career in journalism. You will learn the inner workings of the media. Working for a school newspaper will also be looked upon favorably by potential employers in the future.

What is the most important news for a school newspaper?

The Events in school The Announcement

What are the parts of a newspaper of a newspaper?

The parts of a newspaper are the front page, the entertainment page, the editorial page, the sports page, and the classified ads. They all have different functions, including advertisement, updates on sports events, and information on important news items.

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What kind of thing do teen girls in high school like to read about in their newspaper at school?

Teenage girls like to read about fashion and celebritys in the newspaper.

What newspaper can you go to so you could find out information about Sierra Vista high school?

Probably a paper that is the local paper from the town where the high school is, or the high school's own newspaper.

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ads, reports, news stories e.g also depends on what kind of newspaper :) ~ symaroth1