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The parts of a seed are the plumule and the radicle

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Q: What are the parts of an avocado seed?
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How many cotyledons does an avocado seed have?

how many cotyledons on avocado

How many seed of avocado?

There is a single seed in each avocado.

How do you prep an avocado seed to eat?

You can not eat a avocado seed. Anyway it would not be good for you.

Parts of an avocado?

As you can see on the left,an avocado has a layer of hairy skin which contains some flesh.By rubbing it gently on the skin,this flesh can help to heal many wounds.The little hole you see in the picture is what we call an avocado pit.The pit contains the seed of the avocado.

Can you eat part of an avocado seed?

No you can't eat part of an avocado seed. So don't try it!

How many seeds does an avocado have?

An avocado has one seed.

Is an avocado seed a monocotyledonous seed?

No it is dicotyledonous

Is there such thing as avocado seed?

The avocado has a very hard round seed nearly the size of a golf ball in the centre of each fruit.

Is an avocado seed poisonous?

No they are not.

Is avocado seed is it monocot or dicot?


How is an avacado a fruit?

The seed grows in the avocado The seed grows in or on fruit.

Can one roast and eat an avocado seed?

Yes, you can slice and roast an avocado seed (pit), but, due to its bitter taste, the seed should then be ground and added to other foods, such as smoothies, to disguise the taste. Sliced, roasted, ground avocado seeds are used as a remedy for diarrhea and dysentery.

How do I grow an avocado seed to make a plant?

Insert three toothpicks about a half-inch deep into the avocado seed from three directions just above the center of gravity. The seed must be upright; the smaller end is the top. Use the toothpicks as supports, placing the avocado seed atop a glass with enough water in it to touch the bottom of the avocado. The avocado must have water touching it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Transplant to ground when sprout is about 10 inches long. Good luck!

Which fruit has the biggest seed?


Is the seed of avocado edible?


Is the middle of the avocado a nut?

no it is a seed

Once avocado seed grows when will an actual avocado grow from the plant?

in about 10-15 years

Does an avocado seed help an avocado?

well some people say it does help it stay fresh

How do you plant a sprouted avocado seed?

in the ground

Can an avocado seed grow in water?

yes it can

Which vegetable has only one seed?


What do you call a seed of an avocado in English?

That is the 'stone'

Are avocado fruits or vegetables?

Fruit. They have a seed.

Is the avocado seed the largest seed or is the coco de mer?

Coco De Mer

What is an American crop with a large seed?

An American crop that has a large seed would be the avocado.