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The past tense is led.


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The past and past participle of lead is led.

The past tense of "lead" is "led".

The past tense of lead is led.

infinitive: lead past: led past participle: led

The three forms of lead are 1) Metallic lead 2) Inorganic lead and lead compounds (or lead salts) 3) Organic lead (containing carbon)

past: I was; you were; he/she/it was present: I am; you are; he/she/it is

The past tense for lead (as in to lead an animal) is led. You would say 'the cowboy led the horse to the river'

to lead - leads - led - led

Am, is, and are are present tense forms of be. The past tense forms of be are was and were. The future tense of be is will be.

The simple past tense and past participle forms of cheat are both cheated.The simple past tense and past participle forms of call are both called.

The past participle is been.Was and were are the past tense forms of the verb "to be."

lead, pronounced /led/

Do not ignore your past.

Both the past and the past participle forms of "wait" are "waited".

am is are - are all present be verbswas were - are the past formsbeen is the past participle

The simple past and past participle forms are both "guided".

The simple past and past participle forms are both found.

The word Tanzania is a noun. In English, nouns do not have past or present forms, only 'verbs' have past and present forms.

When performing the electrolysis of water, oxygen gas forms bubbles at the positive lead.

was, were (the only verb with 2 forms).

lead / led / ledHe has led the team for ten years. (past participle)

Yes, was and were are past tense forms of be. I/He/She/It was We/You/They were

Past tense - was and were. Present tense - am, is and are.

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