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As far as i know - deportation and you wont be able to come back for at least 5 years. But - the chance they will catch you is not that big, if you are carefull They'll will deny you any visa for 3 years if you stayed illegally in the U.S for 180 days to a year; 10 years for more than a year illegally.

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Q: What are the penalties for being an undocumented immigrant to the US?
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Someone from another country who lives in the US illegally is called?

An undocumented immigrant

How does an undocumented immigrant go about applying for the US Passport of their child with an american citizen?

An undocumented immigrant will not be able to file in a passport application on behalf of his/her child. Only a US citizen can do this. However a passport application for a minor child will require the parental consent from both its parents and also the proof of the citizenship status of the parents. Identification documents of both the parents should also be submitted along with the application.

If an undocumented immigrant gives birth while in America is the baby an American citizen?

Yes. A child born on American soil is an American citizen. I beleieve the question is meant to refer American soil as United States soil, being that the western hemisphere is America, therefore all children born there are Americans. And yes, a child born in the USA is a citizen of the USA, regardless if his parents are undocumented. That is the major problem facing the undocumented immgration in the US. Families are being separated because undocumanted parents are deported while the US-born child has the rights to remain in USA.

When can an illegal immigrant return after being caught being illegal?

You cant reuturn back when a illegal immigrant gets caught being illegal they deport them and they tell them how much time they cant be in the US

What is the term used to describe a citizen living in the us illegally?

This almost sounds like a trick question; if you are a citizen you can't be in the US illegally, and if you're in the US illegally you could not be a citizen! That being said, if a person is residing in the US without a valid visa or residency permit, they would be classified as an illegal alien or the more politically correct term, "undocumented immigrant".

Can an undocumented immigrant who married a us citizen and only used her for the green card then back together with the former wife be deported back for Fraud and user to acquire a green card?

Yes, he is an undocumented alien, therefore illegal. Once he is reported or apprehended in the commission of a crime (sometimes as simple as a traffic stop), he is likely to be deported.

If an undocumented alien marries a visitor in the US is it binding and legal?

It is a legal marriage in the US. It is not a claim to legal residency for visitor or undocumented alien though. The laws of the visitors and undocumented aliens country of origin will mandate whether it is a legal marriage there.

What can an illegal immigrant do if he lives in the US and is being physically abused by his wife who is a US citizen what are his leagal rights as a human being?

Answer: If you are being abuse and is an illegal immigrant, what you need to do is leave her, because she can report you to INS and you will get deported. Because you are illegal, there is really nothing much you can do with the legal system.

If you marry an immigrant who is in prison awaiting deportation will he be allowed to remain in the US?

No. The marriage would not be allowed. Also, marrying a US citizen regardless of the circumstances does not prevent an illegal immigrant from being deported.

Can an undocumented immigrant marry someone of the same sex in Illinois?

Yes. An undocumented immigrant, someone without a valid visa, green card or US citizenship, can marry in Illinois. Immigration status does not affect marriage. You must show ID to get a marriage license, but that ID can be a foreign passport and no one checks for visas. Effective June 1, 2014, same-sex couples are allowed to marry in Illinois.Yes. An undocumented immigrant, someone without a valid visa, green card or US citizenship, can marry in Illinois. Immigration status does not affect marriage. You must show ID to get a marriage license, but that ID can be a foreign passport and no one checks for visas. Effective June 1, 2014, same-sex couples are allowed to marry in Illinois.

What jobs can undocumented people in the US get?

Legally, none.

An immigrant with felonies in new york is being deported is there anyway he can still stay in the Us if he gets married?

im marryin an immigrant who has felonies in the united states is there any way he can stop from being deported?

How many undocumented workers in the US?

There are an estimated 45 million illegal aliens in the US in 2010. Many pay taxes, so undocumented worker is a misnomer - they are illegal aliens.

What is the penalty for bullying in the US?

The penalties are suspension or being expelled from school or distinct. Being fined or arrested.

What if US citizen is a full time student marry to illlegal person?

If you're a US citizen, they're not going to take your citizenship away for marrying an "illegal". They may deport the undocumented immigrant and send you to jail if it looks like you were trying to break the law, though.

How does an illegal immigrant leave the US to return to their country without being banned from entering the US again?

make application to enter the US

On which country did the US mandate penalties for being a sponsor and a safe haven for terrorist organizations?


What happen to illegal aliens daughter if filed divorce with US citizen?

If an undocumented (illegal) immigrant is married to a U.S. citizen, then they are a U.S. citizen. So their divorce from another U.S. citizen won't affect the status of their child at all.

If a US Citizen and an undocumented get married then leave the country how will the ten year bar be triggered if the US has no records of the illegal?

unless the undocumented spouse plans to sneak into another coutry(wherever you are going) the individual granting exit will know that that person is undocumented. So, I'd suggest you not leave

Can the undocumented father be deported by the us citizens mother?


Can Undocumented residents in US testify?

Testify in court? Yes.

What will be parents status if their child is born in US and they are immigrant?


Can an immigrant become a US citizen if married?

no,but the us citizen can help the immigrant become legal.

Can an underage illegal immigrant become legal by being adopted by a US citizen?

if you can actually adopt him yea

What is The largest immigrant group in the US?

The largest immigrant group in the US are Mexicans, of which about 800,000 Mexicans migrate to the US every year.

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