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For starters, it depends on wether or not the investigating officer actually witnessed the accident because in Alabama (I'm a cop here) we can't issue tickets at accident scenes unless we watch the crash happen. My guess is that if the guy had insurance at all, the provider will cancel his policy and refuse to pay for damages as soon as they find out he was suspended. As for a crimianl penalty for running the red light and speeding, this would have to be proved in court for any fine or sentence to be handed down. Can this be done ? Is anyone pursuing this ? I don't know, but going from experience, my guess is that you were hit by this guy. The reality is : Nothing will probably happen to him other than the cancellation of his insurance which he prob. didn't have anyway. Maybe the cop wrote him a No Insurance ticket, which is the only citation other than DUI we can write at wreck scenes and the court costs will run about $140. Good luck

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Q: What are the penalties in Alabama for a person with a suspended license speeding through a red light and causing an accident?
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Is speeding a misdemeanor in the state of Alabama?


How much does a speeding ticket in Alabama cost?

You pay $6 for a speeding ticket in Alabama. Dueces!!!! Dont forget to watch the 60 seconds show.

Does Alabama report speeding tickets to Illinois?


Can you get a drivers license in Alabama if your Florida one is suspended?

if your license has been suspended in a state for speeding tickets unpaid, then yes you can get another license as long as you have a permanent address of residency in the state you are trying to acquire the license.. if you have had it suspended because of drug, alcohol or other reasons then no.. some states won't do it either way.. you just have to be smart..

Do Alabama speeding ticket points transfer to Michigan?

yes, they do.

Can a person who has a suspended drivers license in Alabama move to Georgia and get a drivers license there?

As of 2013, a person who has a suspended drivers license in Alabama and moves to Georgia cannot get a drivers license there. They have to take care of the drivers license in Alabama first.

What is the fine for driving while suspended in Alabama?

revocation of your license

Will 3 speeding tickets in a year in Alabama mean a mandatory court appearance?

3 speeding tickets in a year in Alabama means a mandatory court appearance. Non-appearance will lead to driver's license suspension.

Does Alabama report speeding tickets to Georgia?

Alabama does report speeding tickets to the state which the person receiving the ticket is licensed in. If you can take care of the matter in Alabama, by paying any fines or other requirements, you may be able to get the ticket dismissed so that it doesn't affect you in Georgia.

Can you get a caifornia drivers license if you have a suspended or revoked license in Alabama?

No, you cannot, until the suspension period imposed by Alabama is expired.

Which state can driver's license from if your license is suspended in Alabama?

You are only allowed one license at a time. You already have one in Alabama.

Will a speeding ticket in Alabama affect your license in Georgia?

== == NO, but it WILL affect your car insurance costs.

How can you find out if an Alabama LPN's nurses license's have been suspended?

naomi dixon.

What is the fine for aggravated speeding in Alabama?

Well my fine was $350 dollars plus court cost.

Can you obtain a temporary drivers license while working in Alabama while your license is currently suspended in Texas?

NO! Once your license is suspended in one state, it is also suspended in all other states.

How much does a speeding ticket cost in florence Alabama for 14 miles over the speed limit?


How much is a ticket for doing 68 in a 55 mph in Alabama?

The fine for a speeding ticket in Alabama for going 68 in a 55 miles per hour zone is $164.00. A ticket for improper passing in Alabama is also $164.

Can you get a drivers license in Tennessee if your license is suspended in Alabama?

That would not be allowed. You cannot hold a license in more than one state at a time, and a suspended license counts.

How long does it take to drive from Alabama to Colorado?

Depends on traffic and depends if there is a accident.

How does a DUI in Tennessee affect your Alabama driver's license?

Your driving privileges will be suspended in Tennessee for starters. More than likely, Alabama will hear of your DUI and will suspend your license.

Can Georgia teen lose license for speeding ticket in Alabama?

Alabama will report the ticket and the violation to the Georgia DMV. If there are enough points on the GA teens license he could lose it because of that.

Alabama car accident laws?

Very numerous and very long, can you please be more specific?

If caught 15mph over speed limit how much would the ticket cost?

speeding ticket in alabama 15mph over speed limit

How much is it to reinstate your drivers license in Montgomery Alabama?

Reinstating a suspended license, in Montgomery, Alabama, will cost $125. In addition to any other fees. The $125 must be paid before the license is reinstated.

Why was Joe Namath suspended for two games while playing at the university of Alabama?

He violated Bear Bryant's "no alcohol" policy and that was his punishment.