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There really is no risk for you. You are not going to lose your citizenship or go to jail. The risk is all for the person since they can get deported.

Penalties for participating could include perjury. Participation in a marriage fraud can result in up to five years in prison and/or up to $250,000 in fines per count. You take a huge risk. And just because you're not caught in the beginning doesn't mean you can't be later on a visit or stokes interview or whatnot.

However, if you decide to divorce, you can just like a regular marriage. Then it becomes the alien's job to file for non-joint application to remove conditional status. The judge will look at the marriage and try to decide if it was bona fide and that the divorce was for relational issues. If so, then he can allow the alien to get his green card, but that applies more towards the alien after the divorce. For the U.S. Citizen, you just divorce and if you're so inclined, sign one last piece of paper for him later. If he doesn't have it signed, he can't appeal to the 90 day period before the second anniversary and then he would be deported. But still, wouldn't affect the U.S. Citizen.
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Q: What are the penalties of a US Citizen marrying an illegal alien for convenience to help the person get into the US and no longer wants to stay married?
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Is marrying a U.S Citizen in order to become a U.S citizen illegal?

Yes, marrying a U.S. Citizen in order to become a U.S. citizen is illegal.

Is marrying an illegal immigrant legal?

Marrying a citizen is not enough to get citizenship. If the marriage was done to get citizenship and there was no love or committment, the marriage is illegal.

Can marrying an illegal citizen affect your rights as custodial parent?


Can an illegal immigrant obtain legal residency by marrying a US citizen?


Can an illegal immigrant get imprison for marrying a US citizen?

NO. It is not a criminal act.

Can a us citizen get in legal trouble for marrying an illegal immigrant?


How long after marrying a citizen and becoming a citizen can that person remarry an illegal alien?

It is wrong for a citizen to knowingly marry an illegal alien. Get advice from an Immigration lawyer.

Can an illegal alien become a legal resident by marrying a US citizen?


Cane an illegal alien who was deported and barred for ten years come back sooner by marrying an us citizen?

Can an illegal alien who was deported and barred for ten years come back sooner by marrying an us citizen?

Can an illegal immigrant with a felony record get a work permit after marrying a citizen?

No you should be deported

Does illegal alien from Honduras residing in US for 7 years become a legal resident or citizen by marrying a US citizen?


Does an illegal alien become a citizen upon marrying a us citizen?

No, an illegal alien does not become a citizen upon marrying a US citizen. You have to wait a period of time before you can start the process of becoming a citizen. Once you have completed your waiting period you must file petitions to become a citizen and go through citizenship classes. You then take written or oral exams.

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