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Q: What are the people of Ontario called?
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What are people who live in Ontario called?

They are called Ontarians.

What is Ontario Canada's population?

In 2012 it was estimated that 13.51 million people called Ontario home.

What was Ontario called before 1867?

Before 1867 Ontario was called Canada West

How do you say Ontario in spanish?

In Spanish, Ontario is still called the same way: Ontario.

People you know that are from Ontario?

Justin Bieber is from Ontario

First people who settled in Ontario?

the first people to settle Ontario Canada is the french

How many people live in the south of Ontario?

12345567 people live in the south of Ontario

What province west of Ontario?

The province west of Ontario is called Manitoba.

How many people live in Concord Ontario?

The population of Concord, Ontario according to a census that was conducted in the year 2001 is 8,255. This neighborhood is located in Canada in a city called Vaughan.

Who is the head of provincial Ontario?

In Ontario, the head of government is called a Premier. The current Premier of the province of Ontario is Dalton McGuinty.

Where is the Ontario mills mall located?

It's in Ontario California, USA. The street its located in is called "Ontario Mills Parkway"

Where is there a fireplace store called Fire Company in Ontario?

There doesn't seem to be any fireplace store called Fire Company. Fire Company Ontario searches lead to information on the Ontario Fire Company in Ontario, New York.

What percentage of people live in Ontario?

38.7% of Canadians live in Ontario.

What is the leader of the municipal government of Ontario called?

Ontario is not a municipality, but rather a province. Municipalities in Ontario are usually headed by a mayor, though the heads of some municipalities are called reeves or wardens.

What is the hospital called in peterborough ontario?

The hospital in Peterborough, Ontario is called Peterborough Regional Health Center. This center opened in 1889.

How does the Ontario government help the people of Ontario?

The provincial goverment of ontario helps provide social and community services.

How many Homeless in Ontario Canada?

There is up to 20,000 homeless within Ontario. about 5.4 % of Ontarios population. ^^ BS. That would make the population of Ontario 400,000 people. There are over 13 million people in Ontario.

What are the members of the legislature called in Ontario?

the legislature are called MPPs

When was People First Republican Party of Ontario created?

People First Republican Party of Ontario was created in 2007.

Where is Ottawa?

Ottawa is located in Ontario Canada. That's why it's called Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

What are the names of the provincial parties in Ontario?

Provincial political parties that are recognized by Elections Ontario are:Communist Party of OntarioFamily Coalition Party of OntarioFreedom Party of OntarioGreen Party of OntarioNew Democratic Party of OntarioNorthern Ontario Heritage PartyOntario Liberal PartyOntario Libertarian PartyOntario Provincial Confederation of Regions PartyParty for People with Special NeedsPeople First Republic of OntarioProgressive Conservative Party of OntarioReform Party of OntarioParty names in italics hold seats in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.Party names in bold form Her Majesty's Government of Ontario.

Is there a country in Canada that is called Ontario?

Yes, Ontario also goes by the name Canada. They have a saying What is good for Ontario is good for Canada. Outside of Ontario we think of them as a province, one of 10.

What geographical region in Canada has the most cities and people?

Ontario, specifically Southern Ontario.

What is the population of Oshawa ONTARIO?

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada was incorporated in 1850. It is located on the shoreline of Lake Ontario, and has a population of 157,000 people.

What is the zip code for Canada Ontario?

There are no "zip copes" in Canada nor in Ontario. They are called Postal Codes, and there is not one postal code for the province of Ontario.