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Puerto Ricans.

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Q: What are the people of Puerto Rico called?
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What is the first name they callled Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico was first called Boriken by the indigenous people Tainos

What are the indigenous people of Puerto rico called?

The Taino.

How many people in Puerto Rico?

there are 3,967,288 people in puerto rico (in 2009)

What time do people in Puerto Rico?

There is no time do people in Puerto Rico.People in Puerto Rico do what.There is no answer for that stupid question.

What are people from Puerto Rico called?

You may call them 'Puerto Ricans' or 'Americans'.

When was People's Party - Puerto Rico - created?

People's Party - Puerto Rico - was created in 1968.

Are there Chinese people in Puerto Rico?

Yes there are Chinese Americans in Puerto Rico.

Who rules puerto rico?

A lot of people.

What is Puerto Rico pride about?

It is an affirmation of the Puerto Rican culture. Call it an Oktoberfest for people from Puerto Rico.

What citizenship do the people of Puerto Rico have?

People born in Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States of America.

Why only people in Puerto Rico the people who live their can only vote?

Only the people that live in Puerto Rico can vote in Puerto Rico because the leaders that will be elected will only represent, hold power and have juridiction over those who live in Puerto Rico.

Has it ever rained in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico has a rain forest meaning raining in Puerto Rico is common.