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The best of the photos from the Hubble Space Telescope are available online at You can download pictures suitable for printing or pictures that make excellent computer "wallpaper" for your screen.

Have a good time downloading them!

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Q: What are the pictures that the Hubble space telescope took look like?
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What does hubble space telescope see?

Hubble space telescope sees very detailed pictures of the happenings in the cosmos like very detailed pictures of a death of a star.

What is astronomy look like in pictures?

if you look at hubble space telescope pictures ul be amazed there surpurb

How does the Hubble Space Telescope look like?

Check out the website in the related links. Over there they have pictures of the Hubble telescope, and pictures that were taken with it, plus information on how it works and how to track it in its orbit.

What is a space telescope?

It is a telescope placed in space (like the hubble telescope). When placed in space the telescope does not have to "look" through the earth's atmosphere so its images are not destorted.

What is the difference between a space telescope and a space probe?

A space telescope like Hubble is placed in Earth orbit and radio's its pictures back to Earth.A space probe travels to remote parts of the solar system and captures closer images of the planet or moon it is imaging. These pictures can be more detailed than a long distance shot from Hubble and can be taken from the planet's surface.

Why was the hubble space telescope so effective?

because it was so cool and everyone like it

What did the hubble do?

take amazing pictures of the space, like the birthplaces of newstars

How far does the hubble telescope travel?

He doesnt travel.. The Hubble telescope is stationairy and only in space to bypass the atmosphere. The Hubble telescope maginfies so much, that if you are beneath the atmosphere, you get a blurry image. Like looking through a dirty window. So they shot it in space. Beyond the "dirty window".

What telescopes are in space?

There are quite a few telescopes in space right now like the Hubble space telescope, Chandra X-Ray observatory, Spitzer space telescope, FERMI space telescope, the Herchel observatory, WISE telescope and the James Webb space telescope will soon be launched in 2014.

What is earth based telescope?

That means that the telescope is on planet Earth, as opposed to a planet in outer space, like the Hubble Telescope, the Planck Telescope, the Chandra Telescope, etc.It is a telescope based on our earth

How does the Hubble Space Telescope readjust its viewing angle so that it points at a particular spot in space?

Because it feels like it

Why are the telescopes in space like the Hubble telescope even better?

Because there is no air or water vapor to obscure the stars when you are in space.

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