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Some terrestrial planets are mars Mercury Venus and earth

gaseous planets Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune.

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Q: What are the planets that could be under terrestrial planets and which planets could be called gas planets?
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Mecury Venus Earth and Mars are what kind of planets?

All of the planets you listed are called "terrestrial" planets because they have solid a surface. The other planets are call 'gas giants' because they are mostly combinations of gasses rather than having solid ground under their clouds.

What are inner planets and sometimes what are they called?

There are four planets in our solar system considered 'inner planets': Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. These four also belong to the classification "terrestrial planets." Three of them (Venus, Earth, and Mars) are in the habitable zone, a zone in every system in which life can live, under the right conditions.

Compare and contrast terrestrial and gas planets?

Terrestrial Planets-Rocky Small Few Moons Small(compared to gas giants) Gas Planets - Helium and Hydrogen based Denser cores. Have rings. Many Moons. Very large Longer Revolution time. Comparisons- Planets Under the sun's gravitational pull. Part of Milky Way galaxy

Is mars considered a Terrestrial Planet?

Yes mars is one of the 5 terrestrial planets. other are mercury, venus, earth and dwarf planet ceres. other come under the category of gas giants like jupiter, saturn, etc.....

What is the paths called that the planets revole on because of gravity?

The planets follow elliptical orbits under the force of gravity.

Why are the inner planets different to the outer planets?

The inner planets are all considered rocky planets in that under atmospheric layers, they have a rocky surface. The outer planets are made of gas and liquid, and are called gas giants. They have no solid surface. Also, all the outer planets have rings while the inner planets do not.

What is the difference between an aquatic habitat and a terrestrial habitat?

A terrestrial habitat is a habitat on land. An oceanic habitat is a habitat under water

Are the eight planets under the sun or above it?

Neither. The eight planets orbit the sun, but in space there is no "under" or "over."

Why are the planets rotating continuously?

There is no friction in space to stop them so they keep on spinning under what is called conservation of angular momentum.

Does titan could be a planet too?

Titan and Ganymede are both larger (but less massive) than Mercury and could certainly be called planets if they qualified under the IAU criteria. The conditions include a requirement that they orbit the Sun, and not Saturn or Jupiter, respectively, which currently make them moons, not true planets. They would further need to have cleared their orbits if they were in solar orbit.

How are the greek gods similar the planets?

Later when the religion went to Rome they called the gods differently. For example Hades god of the under world was called Pluto ,and Poseidon was called Neptune

What is ladies inner wear called?

It could be Under wear or a petticoat.

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