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What are the plus and minus points of CDMA AND GSM systems for cell phone users?


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September 13, 2011 9:03PM

hi ds is wasim ,doing my BTECH in COMMUNICATIONS engggg.

the difference btwn da CDMA \GSM is dt cdma cn b usd as ahigh bandwitdh in terms f communications i.e , w cn b able 2 communicate wit many at a time by usng da multiplexing concepy wit digital larity m wheras in gsm it s f finite bandwidth i.e, nly single wavlenght fr all da users n disturbance is more in gsm wn cmprd 2 cdma ,bt da voice is also NT so clera in gsm rather dn cdma,,,here da concept f multipilexing is NT usd so w cannt talk 2 many using da same channel;;;;;;;;;

i hope dt evry1 understnds da cncpt side ds answer