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What are the political symbols of the French revolution?

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The French Tri Color.

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French Revolution information about political symbols of France?

The French Revolution 1789-1799 was a time of change of the social and political systems in France. Symbols of the revolution are; the French flag, the national motto and the Phrygian cap.

Who painted political symbols during french revolution?

one poor man painted the symbols who dont have money to buy food but painted the symbols . LOL........

What are some symbols from the revolution?

The French Tricolor.

What was the impact of symbols during the french revolution?


What is Europe's political revolution?

began in 1789 with the French Revolution

What was the French Revolution Symbols?

The Tricolor. The Phrygian Cap. The Guillotine.

In french which was a major result of the French revolution?

A major result of the French revolution was that the middle class gained political influence.

What were the political effects of the French Revolution?

The political effects were the extensive control of the Vienna Congress on the French Government.

French Revolution political party?

It was not a political party, but the Jacobins took control.

Was the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution political or religious?

Exclusively political.

What view did the political parties of the US take on the French Revolution?

Washington was unhappy about it but the Jeffersonians supported the French Revolution.

What are some of the new customs that signaled political change during the radical phase of the french revolution?

what were the social customs during the french revolution that signaled the political change

What is the broken chain in the French revolution and tell me about different symbols of French revolution with explanation too?

A broken chain stands for the act of becoming free

What is political action?

i think its something to do with the french revolution complaining about the American revolution in the taxes.

How did the French revolution influence African slaves in France's Caribbean colonies?

It inspired them to launch their own political revolution.

Who was Joseph Ignace Guillotine?

A French Doctor and Political figure during the French Revolution.

Which was the political club of France during French Revolution?

The Jacobins.

What US political party was sympathetic to the French Revolution?

The Jeffersonians.

Which American political group supported the French Revolution?

The Jeffersonians.

What did the jacobins do during the french revolution?

They were the Radical political party.

Before the French revolution why were the bourgeoisie upset?

they had no political power

Why were the king and queen executed during the French Revolution?

They were considered to be of less value as hostages than they were as symbols of the Monarchy who offered a potential threat to the French Revolution.

Who were the rebels in the French Revolution?

radical left-wing political groups,masses on the streets, and peasants in the countryside were the rebels in the French Revolution

Which countries fought in the french revolution?

The only country involved with the French Revolution was France. The French Revolution took place from 1789 to 1799 and was an era of radical political and social upheaval in the country.

Was the French Revolution more economic or political?

It was caused by economics but quickly became a political event.

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