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Over one-third of the majors at Baylor University are from the Hankamer School of Business which is nationally ranked. Recruitment and placement from the school is very high in internship programs and through alliances with business partners. Two of the most popular new majors are Sports marketing and the Music and Entertainment marketing degrees. Students interested in athletics and the entertainment industries are able to combine their passions while getting a business degree. The recent addition of the Science and Engineering facilities has put Baylor on the map for research and a connection with the CERN institute in Switzerland. The College of Arts and Sciences fills out the next largest group of students with majors in 100's of different programs. With over 14,000 students on campus now, Baylor offers a wide range of choices for students to study. For more information about Baylor and majors offered check out their website.

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Q: What are the popular majors for university of Texas?
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