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The positive and negative effects are nomnom

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Are there any negative effects genetic engineering?

First of all can you point to any REAL positive effects?

What are the negative effects of biotechnology on society?

There are few to no negative effects of biotechnology on society. Apart from a few very early trials of true genetic engineering that were likely not even caused by the biotechnology, there have been practically no harm whatsoever from biotechnology on people.

Is genetic engineering a good thing or a bad thing?

It is impossible to say whether genetic engineering is good or bad until years have passed and long-term effects can be measured.

How is Genetic Engineering carried out?

how is genetic engineering carried out

Are genetic modification and genetic engineering the same?

Yes, genetic modification is a form of genetic engineering.

What does genetic engineering increase?

Short Answer is: our understanding of genetic engineering.

What is your view of genetic engineering?

Since genetic engineering involves the manipulation of genes, genetics is the utmost importance in genetic engineering or any form of genetic technology.

What is cloning and genetic engineering?

Cloning and genetic engineering are similar. Genetic engineering is when we choose a specific gene that we are interested in and cloning is when exact genetic copies are produced. We control genes passed on to offspring using cloning and genetic engineering.

What are the three types of genetic engineering?

AnswerThe three types of genetic engineering are:Applied genetic engineering which includes cloning and transgenesis.Chemical genetic engineering which includes genes mapping, gene interaction, and genes codingAnalytical genetic engineering which includes computer mapping.

Why is genetic engineering done?

Genetic engineering is done to produce genes

What makes genetic engineering possible is?

what made genetic engineering possible

How do you use genetic engineering in a sentence?

the risks and benefits of genetic engineering.

What are the types of genetic engineering?

* Natural Selection, nature's own genetic engineering. * Selective Breeding, our success in altering the course of natural selection. * Genetic Manipulation, the current state of the art in genetic engineering. * True Genetic Engineering, the next step. * Playing God! If you're offended by genetic engineering, read what's theoretically possible. Beyond the best genetic engineering we can currently devise is much, much more: the re-engineering of life itself. * Other Bio-technology, Human Cloning and Genetic Engineering

Is genetic engineering important to medicine?

Yes, genetic engineering is important to medicine.

How can you use genetic engineering in a sentence?

"Genetic engineering is a very controversial issue."

Is O positive blood rare or is it O negative?

it is o negative that is rare i cant explain what it does but it is like hiting the genetic lotery

What are the advantages of genetic engineering?

with genetic engineering, most of the diseases and illness can be prevented.there are also infectious diseases that can be treated by genetic has ability to produce genetic diversity to produce variant alleles.

Why were people scared of genetic engineering?

While some people might fear genetic engineering because it is impossible to know what effects modifying genes will have in the long-term, because their religious convictions cause them to believe that modifying what God made will bring about bad results, or for other reasons, not all who oppose genetic engineering do so because of fear. Some believe it is simply common sense not to mix genes of different species together like is done with the genetic modification of crops. Some have even discovered results of research that suggests genetic engineered crops are causing negative effects on the environment, so there are genuine concerns that are not based on fear that need to be seriously considered.

What are 5 examples of genetic engineering?

an example of genetic engineering are like: Cloning IVF

Engineering is the science dealing with Altering the genetic materials in living organisms?

Genetic Engineering.

Positive aspects of genetic engineering?

Genetic engineering when used on microorganisms help in the creation of new pharmaceuticals which cannot be made in any other way.Genetic engineering helps in the process of bioremediation which is the process of cleaning up waste and pollution with the help of living organisms.Genetic engineering has helped lower the overall usage of herbicide and pesticide.Genetic engineering has helped with the production of vaccines and other drugs in plants.Genetic engineering has helped produce quicker and more predictable way of generating new cultivars. Further, the cultivar properties are better known today than it was ever known before.Today, genetic engineering can produce sustainable agriculture.Genetic engineering has produced very useful genetically modified breeds which can tolerate factory farming without any suffering.In humans, genetic engineering is used to treat genetic disorders and cancer. It also helps in supplying new body parts.Although, this has not been done today, genetic engineering has the potential of creating new types of human beings with many advantageous traits.

Where is genetic engineering used?

Genetic engineering is the use of science to recombine DNA in many different procedures to develop organisms. Genetic engineering is mostly used in agriculture and medicine.

How is genetic engineering useful to humans?

We can improve our foods using genetic manipulation. long life tomatoes for example are a product of genetic engineering. We can also identify, and isolate unwanted genes in order to try and eliminate them from a species, or we can isolate genes responsible for positive traits and try to promote them in a species.

Can two 0 negative parents have a child with o positive?

With genetic mutations during replication, anything is possible. But, in general two O negative parents could only have a child that is O negative. Conversely, two O positive parents could have a child that is either O negative or O positive.

What is genetic engineering. Describe three possible benefits of this technique?

Genetic Engineering is the study and application of genetics for a better life/future. Genetic engineering can be used to produce medicines & to improve food crops. Researchers are also using genetic engineering to try to cure human genetic disorders.