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The semen could be introduced with penetration of the penis into your vagina, this is called sexual intercourse.

Also semen can be introduced with the fingers, that is when your boyfriend has semen on his fingers and then he sticks his finger into your vagina.

Every other act of sex cannot get you pregnant.

Without normal sexual intercourse, the introduction of sperm to the ova or medical intervention (AI or IVF) pregnancy is a VERY low possibility.

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Q: What are the possibilities of getting pregnant?
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What are the possibilities of being pregnant and getting a late period?

Not likely

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What are the possibilities of getting a girl pregnant with pre-ejaculate?

quite possible

If you ejaculated then waited about 5 minutes then got a little one your finger then went to finger her what are the chances of her getting pregnant?

Possibilities. Possibilities. We can not rule out the possibilities how ever small they might be.

Can you take ibuprofen and a sleeping pill if you are pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should be getting medication information directly from medical professionals and not from a wiki service. The term "sleeping pill" covers too many possibilities to permit anyone to give a responsible answer to this question.

How do you get pregnant without getting an STD?

Yes you can get pregnant without getting STDs.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when the sperm does not enter the body?

There is no chance of getting pregnant

If a pregnancy test was positive but later on in the day you have a period and you have a urinary infection what are the possibilities of being pregnant?

There is still a good chance she is pregnant.

Can high levels of estrogen stop you getting pregnant?

No. But it can reduce the risk of getting pregnant.

Is withdrawal safe to not get pregnant?

No. It will not stop you from getting pregnant.

What is the foods of getting pregnant?

None. Food does not get you pregnant.

What are the possibilities of getting pregnant the day after an IUD is removed?

Return to fertility is immediate after removing the copper IUD (e.g. Paragard) and almost immediate after removing the hormonal IUD. A woman who doesn't want to get pregnant should use an alternative method immediately after IUD removal.

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