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Perhaps you could explain your question in different terms.

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Q: What are the possible causes of excessive engine breathing?
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What effect does excessive revving have on your car engine?

Excessive revving of an engine causes overpressure in the crankcase. It causes unhealthy expansion in the pistons and the valves.

What causes a engine to burn rich?

too much fuel, excessive oil consumption

How do you repair engine codes P0136 and P0141?

There are several possible causes for the engine codes P0136 and P0141. Some possible causes for P0136 are oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, or intake air leaks. Possible causes for P0141 are the engine control module and the oxygen sensors.

What causes a thrown rod?

Excessive engine RPM....low oil level.....engine component wear/stess/fatigue ....over heating....

What are causes for black too much smoke of diseal engine?

excessive amount of fuel, running too rich.

What causes the motor mounts to break?

Excessive engine torque. Also the rubber will deteriorate if its really old or soaked with rubber.

Can it be the heat sensor on the vehicle that can light up the check engine light?

That is one of dozens of possible causes.That is one of dozens of possible causes.

What would cause the oil to leak out of the dipstick tube on your 1983 380 sec to bubble out profusely?

Excessive crankcase pressure will cause this problem two possible causes are worn/broken piston rings or a blocked engine breather.

What are the causes of excessive engine oil contamination?

could be anything. if it's not engine oil, or some kind of engine treatment designed to add to your oil , it's more then likely a form of contamination.

What are the possible causes of hard starting in diesel engines for vehicles?

You eating the engine.

Would the service engine light come on if engine temperature sensor is bad?

That is one of many possible causes.

What causes the engine to have a excessive white smoke when first start?

pressure test the coolant system you will find a blown intake or head gasket

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