What are the preventive measures of cyclone?

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we should stay away from wall hangings and other things which are heavy and hung with a hook or a screw. in a frequent cyclone struck area we can built houses of mud and dry grass. we should keep in touch with the local radio, telephone, television and other communicative processes. we can take all over important belongings with us to an open ground (such as documents, cell phones, jewellery, etc...). after the cyclone is over and if we are safe then we can help the people who are in trouble. we should also follow the processes that the helping committee says.
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By what measures can global warming be prevented?

To prevent global warming, some measures that must be taken are toreduce carbon dioxide emissions produced through the burning offossil fuel and human activity. Things that people can do to reducethese emissions are to use less energy, drive less, and plant moretrees.

What was done to prevent the disaster of cyclone Tracy?

The meteorological department issued an alert that a tropicalcyclone could occur. It was later confirmed that it was a tropicalcyclone. Several warnings were issued to the people of Darwin toevacuate the area and facilities were provided by road and air. TheDefense Force and the Royal Australian Air ( Full Answer )

What instruments measure or detect a cyclone?

Cyclones are measured almost entirely by satellites (although attimes, especially near the United States, they are sampled directlyby planes that fly into them), which look down at the earth anddetect different types of radiation. They are also measured bynetworks of automated buoys in the ocean, wh ( Full Answer )

What are the effect of cyclone is there any prevention?

Damage to properties and crops is the main effect of a cyclone. Flooding and storm surges can also apply.. There can be some preparation, tieing down heavy objects, chopping down trees close to your house.. In Australia, tropical cyclone warning systems are in place to keep residents informed on t ( Full Answer )

How do you prevent cyclone damage?

he north west of Australia, the "cyclone alley", threw out the building codes for cyclone prone areas after cyclone Tracy flattened Darwin in 1974. They rewrote the book and made major changes to how homes and buildings are constructed (and where). Some of the changes include: * Homes are require ( Full Answer )

What are the preventive measures to road accident?

Some of the Preventive Measures are : Avoiding alcohol before driving prevents road traffic accidents. The use of remediation therapy for drink driving offenders will reduce the number that reoffend. A far more extensive use of random breath testing , accompanied by a high level of publicity will ( Full Answer )

How do you prevent cyclones?

You cannot prevent a cyclone. It is a natural phenomenon thatcannot be stopped. All a community can do is heed the warnings,which are usually able to be issued several days in advance, andbrace for its effects.

What are measures taken to prevent pollution?

People and scientists have come up with some ways to preventpollution. Some of these is using filters on cars and factoriesalong with making it illegal to litter.

Can you take any precautionary measures against a cyclone?

Yes, go into a low area if outside such as a ditch or the basementof your home if inside. If there is no basement to your home orwhere you are, go to an inner room with no windows such as a closetin the middle of your house. Grab a pillow and protect your head. Further information: Emergency Manage ( Full Answer )

What is the prevention measures to prevent the industrial pollution?

Industrial pollution results in great damage to agriculture,industry and human heath. There are pollution prevention programssuch as The US Environmental Protection Agency, that is working onthe prevention measures to prevent industrial pollution. Otherprevention measures include, recycling, green c ( Full Answer )

How are cyclones measured?

Cyclones of the southern hemisphere are measured by wind speed and assigned a category number. Whether or not they are classified as a cyclone is also determined by barometric pressure. Wind speeds determine the category as follows: Category 1: winds up to 125km/h Category 2: 125- 170 km/h ( Full Answer )

What are protection measures for cyclones?

Before the cyclone season, check with your local council if your home has been built to cyclone standards. . Check that the walls, roof and eaves of your home are secure. . Trim treetops and branches well clear of your home (get council permission). . Fit shutters, or at least metal screens, to a ( Full Answer )

Preventive measures of water pollution?

There are so many preventive measures of water pollution. Thisincludes avoiding spillages, keeping the environment clean and notdisposing pollutants into water bodies among others.

What are the Measures taken for preventions?

Measures for prevention can only be developed through an understanding of what threats exist. This comes through the development of good critical thinking skills, and an understanding of risk management techniques. . Measures for prevention can only be developed through an understanding of what th ( Full Answer )

Arrest as a preventative measure?

Yes, arrest is used as a preventive measure. Criminals, thieves androbbers are usually arrested so that they do not cause problems tothe public.

What are the preventive measures of soil pollution?

The way(not really the best) to prevent soil pollution is to plant more trees because trees help in cleaning soil, maintaining its fertility. Trees are helpful to us because without trees, we'll not have the right soil and soil is the place where things get decomposed(things that can decompose only) ( Full Answer )

Measures to prevent nuclear pollution?

nuclear pollition is a problem that is generaly "tackled" by isolating the radioactive material and burying it "out of harms way".. it does seem feasable however that they could simply dilute the material and put it back into the world where it originaly came from (as the radioactive materials were ( Full Answer )

What is preventive measure?

It's when there is something you're trying to stop (prevent) from happening, so you take a preventive measure (do something) to stop the thing you think might happen.

What is tropical cyclone and its precautionary measures?

a cyclone is a hurricane that is in the southern hemisphere (south of the equator) the same precautions apply, i.e., retreat from shorelines and flood zones, stay in strong buildings, etc. also, cyclones spin in the opposite direction as hurricanes.

Preventive measures of disease of the heart?

A proper diet is important in reducing the risk of heart attack. . Proper stress management helps to reduce the risk of heart attack. . We should avoid any kind of alcohol. . Regular physical exercise has long term effect on the circulatory system. Answered by, Ahmad Shahbaz Khalid Student of ( Full Answer )

What are the Measures taken for preventions for cows?

At birth clean colostrum is given to a calf ASAP. This prevents calfhood diseases, improves growth rates, and improves the calf's output when at a mature age. Other measures for cows include. A vet recommended vaccination schedule, clean environment, a nutritionally balanced diet (more balance ( Full Answer )

Which are preventive measures of road accidents?

I would say NOT driving is the only preventative measure. Anyone can get into an accident, but most of the time they are really called, "on purposes". You purposely checked your text message. You purposely turned left in front of that oncoming car. You purposely were distracted by something that ca ( Full Answer )

How did people try to prevent cyclone Tracy?

A cyclone cannot be prevented. People can prepare for cyclones, but many ignored what they thought would be another false alarm. Those who heeded the warnings took basic precautions such as tying down loose objects that could become flying missiles, boarding up windows, and taking shelter in the s ( Full Answer )

What is preventive measure for dysentery?

dyaentery is caused due to the intake of impure water. we can prevent it by driinking pure water, taking healthy food and medicines as well.

Can you prevent a cyclone and why?

No, there is no effective way of stopping a cyclone. Humans do not have the resources to stop or prevent something so large and so powerful, whether it is a tropical, or extratropical cyclone.

What are the measures to prevent loss of data?

Best way to avoid data loss is taking backup of the data . except this few important precautions are:- Avoid Physical Damage Keep Hard Disk Cool Keep Hard Disk Bounce-Free Use the "Eject" Feature while removing an external memory device.

What measures can be taken to prevent bedsores?

All patients recovering from illness or surgery or confined to a bed or wheelchair long-term should be inspected regularly; they should be bathed or should shower every day using warm water and mild soap

What measures can help to prevent folliculitis?

Anyone who has a tendency to develop folliculitis should cleanse the skin with antibacterial soap twice a day and before shaving and should not use oily skin lotions. Men should not shave while the beard area is infected

What are non-structural mitigation measures for cyclones?

Non-structural mitigation measures are:- a.) Hazard mapping:- a hazard map will illustrate the areas vulnerable to the cyclone in any given year. it is a effective mitigation tool. b.)Land use control designed so that least critical activities are placed in vulnerable areas.Location of settlemen ( Full Answer )

What are the preventive measures for child labor?

i think the single most important thing to help stop child labor is first and foremost: 1.)the government should make it illegal and punish the parents who send children to work and employers should be punished too. 2.)the government should alleviate poverty. when people or parents are not that ( Full Answer )

What relief measures to be given to the cyclone affected people?

1. providing food aid, access to water, medical assistance, kitchen kits and other ways to help. . 2. providing emergency support to local organizations that are responding to immediate needs. . 3. providing relief supplies . 4. first international relief material to the cyclone-hit countr ( Full Answer )

What are the measures to prevent fire accidents?

The measures to be adopted to prevent fire accidents are of paramount importance. There is a familiar proverb in English "Prevention is better than cure". Though fire fighting apparatus are to be kept ready in case of fire accident, the measures like not keeping highly inflammable objects within the ( Full Answer )

What are preventive measures of drought?

We can do the following to prevent drought: 1. Grow more trees 2. Develop irrigation facilities by building dams 3. We should indulge in rain water harvesting 4. Save water to prevent drought 5. Spraying water on the base of the plants so that less water is used 6. Growing drought resistant cr ( Full Answer )

What is the preventive measures of malaria?

Prompt indentificaton, isolation and treatment of malaria patients, eradication of mosquitoes and protection of the healthy population from mosquitoes are the basic strategies to prevent malaria.

What is the unit to measure cyclone?

Please clarify what aspect of the cyclone you want to measure - its diameter, its speed, its energy, its color, etc.

Was cyclone Pam preventable?

Weather phenomena are powerful things, and humanity is still faraway from any realistic and reliable weather control. . So no, cyclone Pam, or any other cyclone, could not beprevented. . What is POSSIBLE though, is to have warning systems, evacuationplans and shelters, to prevent and reduce the ri ( Full Answer )

How can science help prevent cyclones?

I am no scientist, but my guess is that they can't. The weather is something not controlled by humans. If this is a home work question, I would answer based on what your teacher had taught you.