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There are many problems of communication in different languages. Interpretations, inflection and meaning of words can be lost in communication of different languages.

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Q: What are the problems of communication in different languages?
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Communication in different languages?

Being able to communicate in different languages is often referred to as being "bilingual" or "multilingual."

What is ethical communication?

ethical communication is when you can speak different languages, it is just like bylingual

What are barries to communication?

different culture,languages,countries,preception,

What is multicutural communication?

When people from different cultures are speaking different languages and trying to communicate.

How can effective business communication alleviate the major problems of communication?

Effective business communication alleviates the major problems of communication because it helps people communicate effectively across different departments.

Where did the computer languages come from?

People created the different computer languages to help them solve various different types of problems on computers.

What is a language barrier in health and social care?

A language barrier to communication caused by speaking different languages/not understanding other languages. This is a barrier to communication in care settings as it blocks the quality of communication and affects the needs of service users being met adequately.

What are the problems of communication channels?

What are the problems of communication channels?"

What are the objectives of data communication?

to allow computers with different disk OS, languages, and cabling to share resources.

What was the importance of latin during scientific revolution in europe?

It allowed communication between people that spoke different languages.

What kind of communication did the Mayans use?

The Mayans spoken more than 30 different Native American languages.

What are the different modes of communication?

There are a great many different modes of communication, which include speech, writing, communication in person or communication at a distance by means of radio, telephone, television, telegraph, etc.; there are many different languages which can be used, including sign language which is non-verbal. It is possible to commincate by dance, by pantomine, or by other forms of guesturing.

What are the examples of nonverbal communication and how it is use in different country?

Some examples of non verbal communication are: Regulated signed languages such as ASL Body language Signs Symbols

Where did communication originate?

Communication originated spontaneously. It was not designed. Communication through sound and gestures progressed to signs, speech and languages. It must have been a gradual development from gestures to vocal communication to vocal languages.

Give some examples for barriers of communication?

Differing languages, different dialects, different social-economic groups, opposing points of view.differentin sex

What were problems for immigrants in America?

There were many problems that immigrants faced once they were here. Some of their problems included, they had no jobs, no money, no place to live and they spoke different languages.

Problems of personnel management?

There are a great many different problems that could be going on in personnel management. There could be communication issues and errors for example.

Problems in downward communication?

Problems in downward communication includes slow feedback, lower morale, and distorted information. Interpretation problems can also occur due to downward communication.

How did slaves interact with each other?

Slaves brought to Americas from Africa were from different countries, regions and ethnic groups and spoke different languages. Slaves from different backgrounds interacted and communicated with each other by inventing and using Pidgin languages, which were simplified versions of the colonial language of their masters. These languages served as a medium of communication for these culturally and ethnically different groups of slaves.

What is definition of language?

Language is an agreed upon way of communication. Most languages include a written and verbal method of communication and includes some sort of shorthand or slang relative to different regions.

What is the different between language and communication?

Language refers to a specific tongue such as English, French, Chinese, Spanish etc. It is very technical and narrow. Communication is broader. It encompasses different types of media, non-verbal communication (sign language, body language), and effective use of various languages.

What does the word languages means?

Language is a way of communication in humans. There are various languages in various regions.

What are the problems with communication?

One of the biggest problems with communication is misunderstanding. Another big problem is the language barrier.

What type of droid is C3P-O?

c3p-o is a protocol droid commonly used for communication in many different in many different languages he is also good for negotiating

What is the meaning of languages?

Communication with people from the same region.