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depends on how low incoming ppower is unit will have min max allowable voltage on name plate but the lower the voltage the higher the amperage draw which can reduce life of compressor or even kill it

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Q: What are the problems one can expect with low supply voltage or fluctuations in split AC?
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What are the reasons for the fluctuations in power supply voltage?

Changes in load results in fluctuations. Fault also results in fluctuation

Why capacitors cannot be used with direct current?

DC does not travel through a capacitor for long because there is a buildup of charge on the plates and when the voltage matches the supply voltage, mo more current flows. But capacitors are used to smooth a DC supply because a capacitor acts a bit like a small battery and can prevent any rapid fluctuations in the supply voltage.

What voltage would you expect to measure on a red wire from a power supply?

+5 VDC(Volts Direct Current)

What Causes of power fluctuations of a transformer?

1. mainly by utilizes of the transformer of high and low voltages. 2. mail supply if input supply variations have....fluctuations occur.

What is the supply voltage of 8085?

The supply voltage of the 8085 is 5 volts.

Can a 120 volt fluctuation into a house be stablized by a voltage stablizer and if so what is it that should be purchased?

There is always voltage fluctuations in home voltages. It is due to loads coming on and going off line on the primary distribution supply. The utility company is mandated to maintain a plus or minus voltage of 10%. If the voltage is within this range no voltage stabilizer is needed.

How can you get 12volts supply from speaker?

You can not. Speakers do not supply a voltage they need a voltage to operate correctly.

What protects your computer from various power fluctuations?

A UPS or uninterruptible power supply.

The voltage across a short circuit is equal to?

zero? the supply voltage? the supply voltage minus the individual coltage drops? the sum of the individual voltage drops? which one?

Do you add electrical supply voltage and induced voltage of a coil to get total voltage on the coil?

The induced voltage acts to oppose any change in current that is causing it. So, if the current is increasing, then the induced voltage will act in the opposite direction to the supply voltage; if the current is decreasing, then the induced voltage will act in the same direction as the supply voltage.

How many watts will be neede to supply 400 amp welder?

It depends on the supply voltage watts = current in amps times the supply voltage

What is open-circuit voltage?

It is the supply voltage with the load disconnected.

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