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The major problem with a nuclear fusion reactor is that a 50,000,000 degree temperature is needed. No metal vessel can hold that temperature safely for a long period of time.

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Which of planets is an immense fusion reactor in space?

None of the planets is a fusion reactor. The sun is a fusion reactor but it is not a planet.

What do scientist hope to achieve with the research on the Tokamak Fusion Reactor?

What is the Tokamak Fusion Reactor?

What would be the source of the fuel required by a fusion reactor?

Deutrium and tritium are needed as fuel in fusion reactor.

How much does a fusion reactor cost?

Nobody knows- they have not yet built a fully working fusion reactor.

Is a fusion reactor a time machine?


Is fusion controllable as fission is reactor?


What are the technical problems related to nuclear fusion?

Nuclear fusion requires very high temperatures and immense pressures to start and continue. The problems with a nuclear fusion reactor would be:- 1) the high temperatures would melt the container: therefore, the reaction would have to be stored in a vacuum suspended by a magnetic field and the reactor would have to be continually cooled. 2) nuclear fusion occurs naturally in stars such as our sun: unless the fusion reaction was limited in size in some way, it would be likely that our planet is vapourised by the reaction.

How does nuclear fusion spin a turbine?

It can't as nobody has figured out how to make a fusion reactor.

What are the main advantage of a fusion reactor compared to a fission reactor?

It doesn't produce radioactive byproducts.

What is better solar energy fission reactor or fusion reactor?

solar is a billion times better.

What are the advantages of a fusion reactor over a fission reactor?

As of July 2014 fusion reactors remain theoretical and the subject of active research and experimentation. Fission produces radioactive wastes, whereas fusion is expected to be cleaner.

Where does nuclear fusion occur in a nuclear plant?

No place, we have not yet determined how to make a fusion reactor. Only fusion bombs.

Which of the following devices is still in the experimental stages?

fusion reactor

Can you make a real ark reactor?

An Ark reactor as currently describe in comic is very much like a Nuclear Fuel Cell. Possibly convert energy from Nuclear reaction to power. Possibly a plasma nuclear fusion reactor. I believe in the future it could be made. See the link and compare the similarity of fusion reactor and Ark reactor.

What are the three main advantages of a fusion reactor compared to a fission reactor?

Nuclear fusion reactors do not exist yet as we don't know how to build them. All nuclear reactors are nuclear fission reactors.

What rhymes with factor?

Actor, redactor.Actor, akhtar, lacter, pachter, schachter, schlachter, tractor, compactor, detractor, ham actor, reactor, refractor,chain reactor, fast reactor, breeder reactor, character actor, fusion reactor, atomic reactor, chemical reactor, nuclear reactor, boiling water reactor, thermonuclear reactoractor, tractor, reactor

Why isn't nuclear fusion a viable energy source?

At this time there is no known method of constructing a controlled fusion reactor.

What percentage is nuclear fusion used in the US?

0% No country gets any of its energy from fusion as nobody has figured out how to build a controlled fusion reactor.

What would be the source of fuel required by a fusion reactor?

Tritium and deuterium

Is the sun Nuclear?

Yes. The Sun is an enormous nuclear fusion reactor.

Fusion reactor fuel used in future?

uranium-235 your welcome :)

Is there an artificial sun?

Not yet, but people are trying to build a fusion reactor.

What was the name of doc's nuclear reactor in back to the future?

Mr. Fusion

Is fusion a type of reactor?

Fusion is the combining of two atoms to make one, fission is the splitting of an atom to make two.

What has the author Terry Kammash written?

Terry Kammash has written: 'Fusion reactor physics' -- subject(s): Fusion reactors