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You must consult the specification sheet that comes with the unit to know for certain. you certainly cannot guess. This something the installer will know.

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Q: What are the proper size copper lines for a 5 ton 14 SEER air conditioning split system?
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Do copper pipes need to be grounded?

No, although the electrical system is sometimes grounded to the Copper water lines. This does not pose any problems.

How do you unclog my cars ac lines?

You can unclog your cars air conditioning lines by disconnecting the lines and blowing air through them. It may be just as easy to purchase air conditioning lines.

What are the main parts of auto air conditioning?

The main parts of any mobile or stationary air conditioning system are the compressor, hoses/lines, expansion valve, evaporator coil, condenser coil and fans to move air through both coils. You also have various pressure, temperature, and on/off switches that controls the system. An air conditioning system is a fairly simple system.

Should the air conditioning copper lines be run from the inside unit to the outside without splices or are splices acceptable inside finished walls and between floors?

The refrigerant lines should be as short as possible and preferrably without splices.

Where is the air conditioning system in the Pontiac fiero?

The air conditioning system is behind the dash like all other cars. The compressor, however is mounted on the engine, in the rear of the car, with refrigerant lines running up to the evaporator/condensor up front.

What is copper commonly used for?

Copper flashings on roofs , copper water supply, copper drainage (DWV) copper gas lines (medical etc) copper for electric, copper for art work, copper mixed with other metals to create an alloy like bronze or brass, copper nails to prevent rusting when exposed to the elements, used in fire suppression systems and air conditioning and heating applicationsCopper is gold wire electricety dumb people hello:)

Solder copper lines on air conditioner?

on air conditioners you silver braze the copper lines

What is the silver cylinder with black rubber insulation that is attached with two lines to the radiator on a 1995 Chevy Silverado?

That would be the accumulator for the Air Conditioning system.

What are the advantages of using copper compared to aluminium for transmission lines?

Copper is a better conductor of electricity and transmission on copper lines generates less heat. The disadvantages are that copper is both heavier and more expensive.

How should I increase the copper tubing size for a 18000 BTU split air conditioning unit with the distance of 30 feet between the evaporator and the condenser?

The installation manual will tell you what size lines are acceptable.

Is dripping air conditioning condensate lines normal?


How do you fix the pipe holding freon for air conditioning?

It's not contained within a pipe.. it travels through the entire system. Refrigerant lines are typically not repairable - they have to be replaced.

How do you replace a compressor for the air conditioning in a 1996 4X4 350 Chevy Z71?

Being a Licensed Mechanic in Canada , and the fact it is illegal to open a air conditioning system to the atmosphere. I would suggest taking your truck to a reputable autoshop that has a proper AC recovery system .To at the least remove the refidgerant from the system before you start . Then you start by removing your electrical connectors to your clutch and pressure switch . Unhook your AC lines ,generally one bolt holding a flange with your two lines attatched. Then remove the bolts holding the compressor . Follow the instructions with the new compressor adding the proper amount of oil ,turning the pulley 15-20 times to ensure oil is through the compressor . Dont forget to install new seals and put oil on them before installation. Reinstall all components and take back to the shop to have the system refilled.

What situations use copper as a conductor?

Phone lines, power lines, and household cables.

Why do you use copper pipes in houses?

For domestic water, drain lines, heat lines.

Is it good or bad to have an engine running with the air conditioning lines unhooked if there is no freon in the cooling system?

If the compressor is not engauged, it is ok.If the compressor is not engauged, it is ok.

How could straight copper wire produce magnetic field lines?

The copper by itself will do nothing of the sort. It will be surrounded by magnetic field lines if a current flows through it. It is the current that produces the magnetic field lines.

Wt is the proper pressure to test ac lines in your house?

It depends we test the lines with 300 PSI nitrogen, leak check system, and at times let it sit for 24 hours. Then come back and evacuate system before opening charge.

What is the copper line on a dehumdifier connected to?

Both ends of the coil of copper are connected to a pump very similar to an air conditioning pump. A working fluid, such as freon, is pumped through the line, so when room air is forced over the smooth coil, it will condense and drip into the container.See how air conditioning works for the process of making the lines cold.Dehumidifiers work under the same principles that cause moisture to bead up on the outside of a drink when taken from the refrigerator.

Your central air unit has frozen coppper lines?

my copper lines freezing on central air unit.

Why Choose Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning is the answer to a homeowner’s wish to have air conditioning without extensive remodeling or ductwork installation. The units are similar to a central air conditioning system but use a wall mounted unit to cool a room. These wall units can be compared to baseboard heating. The wall units are generally placed high up on the wall so a homeowner does not need to worry about blocking the air with furniture. Ductless air conditioning units are available in a variety of sizes to match any home or apartment’s needs. These systems are ideal for older homes that were built without any air ducts. They are much cheaper than an air conditioning system as well. If a home does not have ductwork, a homeowner is facing exorbitant remodeling costs to install the needed ductwork for a central air system. The cooling unit itself is placed outside, just like an air conditioning system. Only an experienced technician should install the ductless air conditioning unit. The system will need to be wired into the home’s electrical panel or in some cases an additional breaker will be needed to run the system. A refrigerant line will be hooked up to the outside unit and attached to each wall unit in the home. Most ductless air conditioning systems can be purchased with up to four wall units. A homeowner can specify where they would like the unit placed but the technician’s advice should be heeded as well. There are refrigerator lines and electrical lines and condensation lines that will need to be attached to each wall unit and fed back to the outside unit. Generally, these lines are placed on a wall that is facing the outside of the home. It is possible to run the lines through an attic or ceiling space to keep them from being visible. Some ductless air conditioning systems include remote control devices that allow a user to control the temperature for each room. Other systems may only include one thermostat for all the wall units.

1984 ford f250 air conditioning compressor installation?

The system will need to be drained of Freon and pressure. Then the lines can be removed and the compressor replaced. Change all o rings during the procedure.

What is a set of standards for digital transmission of data over standard copper telephone lines?

The set of standards for digital transmission of data over standard copper telephone lines is ISDN

When did Family Lines System end?

Family Lines System ended in 1983.

Why do they use copper in phones?

Copper specifically is not used in phones, but copper is/was used in phone lines because it has a high amount of conductivity(carries electricity good)