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Properties of steel

Strength (tensile, bending, compression)



Corrosion Resistance

Conductivity (electrical and heat)

Heat capacity

Factual toughness

Steel is generally used in bearing applications where low expense and high strength are needed but weight is not so important:




Machines of all types


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What is the properties and is uses of copper aluminium iron and steel?

copper aluminium iron and steel is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat is one of the properties of copper aluminium iron and steel and it is used in conducting electricity.

Uses of stainless steel?

uses of Mild Steel

What are the properties of en24 en31 series steel its applications?

mechnical properties of hardened steel

What has the author H B Knowlton written?

H. B. Knowlton has written: 'Heat treatment, uses and properties of steel'

What is the properties and uses of the mineral phosphate?

the properties and uses of the mineral

What are the properties of EN08 normalised steel?

properties of en08

Mechanical properties of mild steel?

See the related link for mechanical properties of various grades of steel.

What is the difference between the properties of a substance and the properties of an object?

The properties of a substance are inherent in that substance, for example steel, but steel can be used to make all sorts of different objects. Each object has its own properties, but the basic property of steel is the same in all of them (for the same grade of steel)

What are properties of brass?

properties of brass can be string,woodand steel

What are chemical properties of stainless steel?

Pure iron (Fe), mixed with carbon to produce 'steel', Chromium is added to steel to make it resistant to rust. copper, Titanium annd vanadium are the alloys which make it more suitable for specific uses,

Is Steel Flammable?

Steel isn't flammable but it can melt! What are the physical and chemical properties of steel?

Physical properties of stainless steel?

what is the physical properites of stainless steel?

What chemical properties does stainless steel have?

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion.

What are the uses and properties of Mercury?

There are no uses for mercury.

What Properties of Tor steel?


What are the properties of iron steel?


What are some other properties and uses for chlorine?

Uses: disinfectant, purifierproperties: green gas

What is product analysis of steel?

Analysis of chemical properties on *produced steel. *Like reinforced steel bars.

What is 606m36t steel grade?

This is a steel with magnetic properties and is used for low temperatures.

Chemical properties of ethyne?

chemical properties and uses of ethyne

Mechanical properties of EN 31 STEEL?

The mechanical properties of EN 31 Steel is that it is an alloy of high carbon alloy steel. It achieves a high degree of hardness with compressive abrasion and strength.

What are two uses for a steel alloyed with chromium?

stainless steel

What properties does a steel cookie sheet have?

they have a lot of them

Uses of steel tape?


What Stainless steel has chemical properties such as?

Alloys have better properties than single metals.